White Animals At The Playground: A Wild Collection In Woodlands

White Animals At The Playground: A Wild Collection in Woodlands
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Woodlands has a lot of intriguing playgrounds. These range from the dinosaurs and hippos lurking around the housing blocks to the mega slide playground at Admiralty Park. However, one of the most intriguing playgrounds has to be the one with white animals found encircled by HDB blocks at Woodlands Drive 73.

Animal Playground in Woodlands

The white animal statues can be found scattered around the playground in front of Block 686B and 686C at Woodlands Drive 73. The collection of statues make the otherwise-ordinary HDB playground stand out from other neighbourhood playgrounds.

The collection of animal statues at the housing estate playground include …

Animal Playground in Woodlands

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… a resting lion …

Gorilla at the Playground in Woodlands

… a gorilla …

Rhino in the White Animals Playground in Woodlands

… a rhino …


… an anteater …

Animal Playground Woodlands

… a bear and and others.


In total, there are more than 10 animal sculptures at the playground. They have been at the playground for a number of years.

Giraffe sculpture

One of the standout animals is a giraffe sculpture which has been designed to have its head down, as if drinking water, to fit into a single block.

Elephant sculpture in the playground

Our personal favourite is the elephant sculpture in the playground. We appreciate how the sculptor took the time to detail the nails on its legs.

Playground Equipment

HDB Playground in Woodlands

The playground equipment that can be found there is a modern plastic structure. Surprisingly, it isn’t animal-themed.

Instead, the blue-and-red play structure has a space-theme. It has a satellite dish sticking out from the top and the grey-coloured roof is in the shape of a flying saucer. It has slides and a two short climbing nets for kids to clamour up to the platform.

Flying Saucer at the Woodlands Animal Playground

Perhaps the aliens landed at the Woodlands playground in order to check out the collection of animals too.


Green HDB Playground in Woodlands

Besides the space-themed playground, there is another playground nearby, in front of the multi-storey car park, that kids can enjoy too.

The white animals playground in Woodlands is a stone’s throw from Greenwood Sanctuary @ Admiralty, a neighbourhood park which has its own set of wild animals – sculptures of a family of hippos.


Hippos in the Park at Admiralty

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