Ways To Beat Examination Stress And Help Your Child Manage Anxiety

Managing examination stress and coping with anxiety
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With the examinations just around the corner, parents and children alike are now in the throes of subject revision. Research has shown that for optimal brain function, revision should be kept to blocks of no more than 45 minutes, with breaks of 10 to 15 minutes. Interspersing revision time with other activities is one way to beat examination stress and help your child manage his or her anxiety levels.

To get you through this demanding period of time, here are some suggestions on how your child can relieve examination stress.

Ways to Beat Examination Stress

Get Active

Exercise to beat stress
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Exercise releases endorphins, those feel-good hormones that we all know help to reduce stress. In addition, exercise brings with it a host of benefits, including increasing energy levels, and strengthening bones. What’s there not to love about getting your child to exercise?

If jogging isn’t their thing, how about going for a swim, or just taking the ball to the nearest basketball court to shoot some hoops? Get the blood pumping, and return to hit the books with a vengeance.

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Enjoy Nature

Enjoy natureTake advantage of good weather and go for a stroll with your child to destress. With emotions running high leading up to the school examination period, going on walks would be a great time for everyone to regroup and reframe. It also provides a way to relax their eyes away from the books.

Allow your child this chance to speak his or her mind about any fears or challenges they may be facing. Help them to manage their expectations, as much as you manage yours, and remind them that there is life beyond grades.

Make Treats

Have fun making treatsExaminations are about precision and time management, in addition to specific academic skills. One way to help your child hone these non-academic skills is through baking. The end results – better hand-eye coordination, improved math and reading skills, and yummy homemade treats!

To save some time, get all the ingredients and equipment ready for your child. When it’s time for a break, get baking! Have your child read the recipe before measuring out the ingredients carefully, and setting the oven timer correctly. A successful bake is a fun way to not only beat examination stress but to teach your young one some important skills that they should be able to apply to the upcoming papers.

Organise A Quick Together With Friends

Arrange a meet up with friends. While your child’s peers may also be busy studying, perhaps schedule in a quick get-together over ice cream or a meal to get away from the books and have a little reward for the hard work and hours put in. The meet up does not have to be long but it also allows your child to experience some comradeship with his or her friends.

Examinations are a rite of passage for most Singaporean students. Each year, they serve as an academic milestone and certainly not one that is taken lightly. However, we can also use these milestones as opportunities to help our children learn how to manage examination stress and anxiety – lessons which they can apply long after the examinations are over.

Here’s wishing all students the very best in their endeavours!

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