The Enormous Turnip: Good Fun, Big Heart

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I Theatre’s charming kids’ musical, The Enormous Turnip, is back for a second season after a sold-out run in 2013 and this time, it’s returned better, spiffier and longer.

The story centres on Farmer Diggory, who dreams of growing a huge, prize-winning turnip, and the little mouse Eek who wants very much to be someone who’s useful and who matters despite his tiny size. When a passing magician gifts Farmer Diggory with some seeds that could be magical, suddenly there’s a chance for both their wishes to come true.
Clocking in at 50 minutes – as compared to the earlier version’s 40-minute duration – this upgraded production boasts a bigger, more impressive set and improved “special effects” that sees the turnip apparently “growing” larger right in front of the audience’s eyes. And unlike previously where some of the actors doubled up on roles, this time each actor is dedicated to one character.
The giggles started from the get-go, when the cat puppet first slinked its way onto the stage. Clearly the crowd favourites, the mouse, cat and caterpillar puppets often drew the biggest reactions and loudest laughs from the audience.

And there was plenty to chuckle about. From little moments of humour to slapstick scenes, it was clear that director Brian Seward knew what would get kids going and how to tickle their funnybone. To further engage the audience, kids were also selected at one point to join the actors on stage and lend a hand with the proceedings.
The show’s catchy tunes added extra energy, lending a fun, zippy vibe to the whole experience, while the charmingly rendered set had the feel of a good ‘ol children’s storybook brought to life. Together with the use of the puppets, what you get is a story world that may be “low-tech” but lovingly handcrafted. And it proves that when it comes down to the crunch, you don’t need fancy special effects or dazzling costumes to tell a tale with lots of heart.
The Enormous Turnip is on from 21 November to 6 December at School of the Arts Drama Theatre. Book your tickets here.

Duration: 55 minutes plus meet and greet
Suitable for: Families with kids from three to 12 years old

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Sat, 21 Nov till Sun, 6 Dec 2015
Sat & Sun: 11 am, 2:30 pm
Tues (24 Nov): 10:30 am, 2 pm
Wed to Fri (25 Nov to 27 Nov): 10:30 am
Tues to Fri (1 Dec to 4 Dec): 11 am

Standard ticket prices
Adult/Child: $32
Family Package (4 Persons): $121.60
Big Family Package (5 Persons): $140.80
Discounts available with different cards. Click here for details.

Tickets available through
SISTIC website
SISTIC hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC authorised agents islandwide

Go Behind the Scenes
Little Day Out visited the cast during rehearsals in October 2015 to find out what they have been up to. 

Activity Sheets
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