Singapore Zoom Backgrounds: Hold Your Next Video Meeting At A Local Virtual Place

Singapore Zoom Backgrounds: Hold Your Next Video Meeting At A Local Virtual Place
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One of the best features of Zoom video calls is its ability to make use of a virtual background. Since, we still can’t head outside at the moment, we have put together some Singapore Zoom backgrounds that you can use for your next video meeting. It is fun way to add local flavour to your next video conference call, and a reminder of our little island.

In total, we’ve put together nine Singapore Zoom backgrounds that you can use at your next video call. These include different locations and places from around Singapore.

Some of these locations are a bit less well known. We have deliberately chosen slightly off-the-beaten path spots for these Singapore Zoom backgrounds, including “hidden” places in town to scenic parks and other spots.

Setting up your Virtual Background

In order to setup your Singapore Zoom background, beginning by downloading the one that you would like to use from the selection below. Do so by clicking the download link and save the image to a location on your computer.

Next, within Zoom, click on the arrow button to the right of the “Stop Video” at the bottom of the Zoom window. This brings up a menu where you can select “Choose a virtual background…”.

In the “Choose a virtual background” window, you can then upload your selected Singapore Zoom background by using the button with the “+” on it. It can be found on the right edge of the window.

Once it has been loaded up, select the Singapore-themed background to set it as the virtual background for video call.

There is also a check box at the bottom of the window which says “Mirror my video”. Leaving this option checked flips the Zoom background. That’s why, we have “pre-flipped” our Singapore Zoom backgrounds in order for them to appear correctly on your screen.

Download the Singapore Zoom Backgrounds

You can down the various Singapore Zoom backgrounds below.

Hopefully, we will be able to visit these places around Singapore, once again, very soon.

Back alley at Ang Siang Hill

Ann Siang Hill - Singapore Zoom Backgrounds

Download | Read about Ann Siang Hill

Changi Beach Park

Changi Beach Park Zoom Background Singapore

Download | Read about Changi Beach Park

Crystal Universe at ArtScience Museum

Crystal Universe

Download | Read about Future World at ArtScience Museum

Shophouses at Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill


Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market

Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market


Serene Garden at Gardens by the Bay

Serene Garden at Gardens by the Bay

Download | Read about Gardens by the Bay

Tampines Eco Green

Tampines Eco Green

Download | Read about Tampines Eco Green

Toa Payoh Town Park

Toa Payoh Town Park - Singapore Virtual Background

Download | Read about Toa Payoh Town Park

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