Pokemon Center Singapore At Jewel Changi Airport: Catch ‘Em All At The First Permanent Official Store Outside Japan

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Pokemon Center Singapore has appeared in the wilds of Jewel Changi Airport and you can be sure that plenty of Pokemon trainers will be descending upon this new store – the first permanent official merchandise Pokemon Center outside of Japan – in a frenzy.

Pokemon Center Singapore at Jewel

Pokemon Center Singapore JewelExpect shelves stocked full with Pokemon plush toys and other cute merchandise (Pokemon face mask, anyone?) at Pokemon Center Singapore Jewel.

Pokemon facial masks - Pokemon Center SingaporeEevees, Snorlaxes and, of course, Pikachus, are just some of the Pokemon that you can expect to encounter at the new store.

Here are a few interesting things to know about the Pokemon Center Singapore at Jewel, which officially opens on Wednesday, 17 April 2019.

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Photo Opp with Lapras, Pikachu and Gyarados

Photo Opp with Lapras, Pikachu and GyaradosFor fans, one of the joys of visiting Pokemon Centers is snapping a picture with the huge Pokemon statues located within the store. For example, the Pokemon Center Mega at Sunshine City in Tokyo has a Mega Charizard Y being ridden by Pikachu and a pairing of a Mega Lucario and Mega Mewtwo Y.

At the Pokemon Center Singapore Jewel, water-type Pokemon were chosen to decorate the store as Singapore is an island surrounded by water. Therefore, greeting you at the entrance is a Lapras being ridden by Pikachu and head to the back to view a Gyarados doing the “Merlion”. These make fun photo spots within the store.

Pilot Pikachu and Other Singapore-exclusive Merchandise

Pilot Pikachu Plushie and Other Singapore-exclusive MerchandiseWhile Pokemon Center Singapore is not the only Pokemon store to be located in an airport (there is a Pokemon store at Hokkaido’s New Chitose Airport), the Singapore store does pay tribute to its location within Singapore’s air transport hub with Pikachu plushies dressed up as pilots and cabin crew.

Other Singapore-exclusive merchandise includes a Lapras name card holder and folders printed with the Singapore skyline.

Lapras with Pikachu on its backWhat we were told was that the plushie of Lapras with Pikachu on its back ($49) is another piece of merchandise that you can only find at the Singapore store. While it used to be sold in Japan, this Pokemon-combo can now only be found at Pokemon Center Singapore in Jewel.

Roll Up to the Pokedex

Roll Up to the Pokedex at Pokemon Center SingaporePokemon fans who want to brush up on their Pokemon knowledge can head over to a touchscreen interactive Pokedex found at Pokemon Center Singapore. Browse through the rows of Pokemon and explore their individual powers and abilities.

Visiting the Pokemon Center Singapore at Changi AirportExcited yet? Head down to Pokemon Center Singapore to catch ‘em all!

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