Mother’s Day Gifts That Mums Really Want

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Mother’s Day. While it is a day where we can celebrate the special person in our lives, it can also send us into a panic about what to get mum each year. This got us thinking, what is it that mums really want to receive on Mother’s Day? Here’s a guide on how to pick perfect Mother’s Day gifts for mums.

For the Mum that Loves to Cook

Mother's Day gifts for the Mum that loves to cookInstead of checking out that fancy new Italian restaurant or gifting her a new cookbook (which she may or may not already have), why not try whipping up a meal for her? Since mum’s usually the one cooking delicious food for you, surprise her with a home-cooked meal of her favourite cuisine packed with lots of love. Make her a scrumptious dessert- be it a decadent Devil’s food cake or a bright key lime tart to sweeten the day. It doesn’t have to be a Michelin-starred meal or gourmet dessert to win some brownie points with mum.

For the Mum that Loves to Work Out

Gifts for the Mum that Loves to Work OutInstead of giving her new exercise gear, join her for her weekly exercise session. Whether she is sweating it out in the gym or performing plié squats in barre class, be her workout buddy for the day. To take things up a notch, try a new sport with mum such as yoga, rock climbing or even muay thai where the whole family can be involved and have fun with mum. Nowadays, there are many different parent-child classes to choose from. A family that works out together, stays together.

For the Working Mum

Working Mum Mother's Day GiftsA viable and much more affordable option to that coffee machine would be to help mum run errands, freeing up much-needed time for her to rest this Mother’s Day. Help mum clean the house, pick up the groceries or do simply household chores. This will give her time to catch her breath and to rest and recharge. Balancing the demands of being a full-time mother and career-woman is challenging at best, almost impossible at worst, so give mum a pit stop this Mother’s Day. She’ll thank you later.

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For the Stay-at-Home Mum

Pamper Mom for Mother's DayAlthough gifts like a vacuum cleaner or iron may be useful, don’t give mum presents that are too practical. These gifts do not effectively convey your gratitude and love for her, the unsung heroine of your life. To show your appreciation for the care and concern she showers upon you, go for a pampering session with mum. Book a spa or mani-pedi session and do something special like go out to town and enjoy a sumptuous high tea with mum. Let mum feel like a queen for the day, just as she is the queen of your heart.

Mother’s Day Gifts from the Heart

For Mother’s Day this year, let’s not get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of the celebration. It’s not always the big things but the small acts that really matter. As Mother Theresa aptly said “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

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