Human Body Experience at the Science Centre: Larger-than-life

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What happens when Science collides with a carnival fun house?

Get set to find out at the Science Centre’s Human Body Experience.

This larger-than-life exhibition gives visitors a chance to imagine what it is like to be swallowed up and discover the human body from the inside. Combining the expertise of Australia’s Newman Entertainment International and Science Centre Singapore, the exhibition provides a fun and fascinating way to experience Science first-hand.

The journey into inner space begins with a climb into six-metre tall human face with its oversized mouth. Slithering down the throat, visitors are taking on a walk around journey through the vocal chords, respiratory system, circulatory system, the brain and ultimately, the digestive system.

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If all this sounds overly scientific and cerebral, be assured, it isn’t. It’s a whole lot of fun!

The Human Body Experience is a whacky, and dare we say inspired, way of experiencing science. Maze-like passages, glittering lights and oversized sculptures make the journey through the “body” engaging and enthralling. Detailed attention has been made to making the exhibits interactive and you will find vocal cords that generate sounds when stretched, gently breathing lungs and a pulsating heart, complete with strobe lights and bouncy red blood cells.




Exhibits are tactile and soft, mimicking the organic nature of the human body. Visitors can even play a part in the immune system and play “whack-a-mole” to snuff out viruses attacking the body.


Our personal favourite part of the Human Body Experience is the digestive system. A tight squeeze along the oesophagus (try leaning on the sidewalls to enjoy the full sensation!) leads to a churning tunnel of food and a squishy stomach. Next up are the large and small intestines, leading to the inevitable exit!



The Human Body Experience is an eccentric mix of fun and educational facts. It is a crazy way to learn about science, but it works. Once will never be enough and we expect kids to be racing back to the start to be gobbled up again as quickly as possible.

The Human Body is at the Science Centre Singapore, Hall B for two years from 31 May 2014. Tickets are priced at $20.00 for adults and $15 for children, inclusive of entry to Science Centre Singapore.

Things to note about the Human Body Experience:

1. The attraction is designed for children aged ten to 12. However, children aged five with good physical mobility can also attempt it. It is not recommended for children under five. Don’t expect to bring toddlers into the Human Body Experience.

2. Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an older person.

3. The Human Body Experience is a gated attraction that requires a separate ticket other than the general Science Centre admission ticket. Tickets to the Human Body Experience are sold at the main Science Centre ticketing counter and at ticketing counter at The Annexe. Purchase the tickets before joining the queue at the Human Body Experience.

4. Come dressed comfortably in jeans, pants or bermudas to tackle the passages and sometime tight squeezes inside the Human Body Experience.

5. No high-heels are allowed into the Human Body Experience. Shoe racks are available at the entrance for these to be left behind.

6. No bags are allowed into the Human Body Experience. There are free lockers at the entrance to the Human Body Experience for bags to be stowed away before entering the Human Body Experience.

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