DBS Sailing At The Bay: Set Sail Around Marina Bay

DBS Sailing By The Bay: Set Sail Around Marina Bay
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Experience the life of a sailor and sail around the Marina Bay waterfront promenade for 45 minutes – for free. How does that sound? That’s what DBS’ Sailing At The Bay offers anyone between the ages of 7 and 70. We share with you how to join in the fun!

DBS Sailing At The Bay used to be the Marina SailFun sessions and has since evolved to the experience at Marina Bay. We highly recommend it, and even more so now that group sizes of just four persons are allowed per session.

Our Experience as “Noob” Skippers

Going Boating at Marina Bay

We have never been on a sailboat nor a yacht. Hence, setting sail was an adventure.

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Thankfully, since the waters at Marina Bay are generally calm, there was no fear of getting seasick!

We recommend dressing comfortably as you will be exposed to the elements. We also recommend wearing covered shoes with good soles as it can get slippery when wet on the boat.

When we first arrived for DBS Sailing At The Bay, we were briefed about safety and how we were going to take a powerboat out to get to the sailboat.

Do keep your belongings close to you or get the people on land to hold them for you. While the professional skippers on board are happy to take your photographs, it is best to place phones in a waterproof pouch, lest they get splashed.

Life jackets or safety vests are a must. Children have child-sized life jackets. But there is nothing to worry about as the sailboats will not capsize. (More on that later)

All Onboard – It’s Time to Go Sailing at Marina Bay!

It’s Time to Go Sailing at Marina Bay!
File picture from 2019.

A powerboat brought us out from a pontoon to the sailboat. The speedy ride that cut through the waves was exhilarating though brief. Seeing the cityscape on a late afternoon from the water was an added treat; it makes one appreciate our city from a different perspective.

Swedish Match 40 at Singapore's Marina Bay

Once we reached the sailboard, we marvelled at what is known as a SM40 or Swedish Match 40.

The watercraft was made in Sweden and brought to Asia in 2015. It is usually accessible only to professional sailors due to its high costs and logistics but we are thankful to be able to experience it through the DBS Sailing At The Bay programme.


One reassuring thing to know about the SM40 is that it will never capsize due to the design of the keel being in the middle of the boat. So, if you have a phobia of capsizing, the SM40 is a good vessel to help you conquer your fear.

The SM40 is reliant on wind to get it moving. While it can move at a top speed of 28 km/h or 15 knots, the actual speed really depends on whether the wind is in harmony with the sailboat.

Sailing on Marina Bay

While on the sailboat, be prepared to be asked to help raise the jib, the triangular sail which aids the skipper at the helm to change the direction of the boat. It is light work and definitely gets the children excited to be involved.

The two professional skippers onboard also introduced us to other parts of the boat including the mainsail, mast, boom and how to steer “starboard” and “port”.

It was a cosy learning journey and plenty of fun.

DBS Sailing By The Bay - Sailboat at Marina Bay, Singapore

After 40 minutes of serenity and “floating” about Marina Bay, admiring Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum, the Merlion and other landmarks, we were brought back to the pontoon on the same powerboat that took us out.

Location of DBS Sailing At The Bay

Location of DBS Sailing By The Bay

DBS Sailing At The Bay is located at Marina Bay, right in the middle of the city. The pontoon to board the powerboat is at Collyer Quay with the nearest landmark being Customs House.

Enjoy City Sights from a Different Perspective

Enjoy City Sights from a Different Perspective

Being on the sailboat on Marina Bay sheds a different perspective on the city. Far from traffic and people, it is a wonderful way to enjoy Singapore’s sights.

This boating experience is ideal for the young and old and we felt very safe.

Sailboats and powerboats are cleaned and disinfected after each session. With the current COVID-19 circumstances, participants will need to wear masks throughout the ride.

To register, visit this site for available slots and timings. Do note that the spots are extremely limited and the fastest skipper first!


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