SailFun: Sailing Fun at Marina Barrage

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Instead of the usual father-son bonding activities, I decided to try a new activity one cool Saturday afternoon with my seven-year-old boy. We drove down to Marina Barrage to register for SailFun and experienced sailing for the first time.

SailFun is a two-hour experiential sailing session for anyone aged seven years and above. It allows even those with no prior sailing experience to have a go at sailing.

The weather was perfect to learn a new sport while taking in the beautiful scenery from the waters of the Marina Reservoir.  After picking up his helmet and our life vests from the Marina Barrage Activity Centre, we strolled towards the pontoon to watch the skipper set the sails of the Pacer, a type of sailboat. The Pacer, well-known for its stability in strong winds and choppy seas, is used throughout the world for training and competition. We were given safety instructions before hopping on to sail around the freshwater reservoir.

The skipper introduced the main parts of the Pacer and basic sailing techniques before letting my boy have a try to control the jib, the triangular staysail that sets in front of the foremast. Teamwork was required as we had to switch places when our boat made U-turns. After getting a hang of sailing, we were able to enjoy the breathtaking view of Singapore’s signature city skyline and Gardens by the Bay. We even had a few opportunities to control the rudder during the two-hour session.

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SailFun is indeed a remarkable parent-child bonding experience conducted at a convenient and enjoyable location. My boy has gained valuable life lessons that cannot be found in books or classrooms, and told me that he would like to attend basic sailing course soon.


Quick Facts

  • SailFun is a two-hour programme conducted on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 4 pm to 6 pm.
  • Fees apply and registration is required.
  • Meeting point is at the Marina Barrage Activity Centre.
  • To participate, children must be at least 7 years old.
For more details about SailFun, visit their the SailFun website.

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