Clementi Crest Playgrounds: Adventure Treehouse & Play For Different Ages

Clementi Crest Playgrounds: Adventure Treehouse & Play For Different Ages
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There are not one but two Clementi Crest playgrounds – an Adventure Treehouse for older kids and a themed one for the younger age set.

Clementi Crest Playground: Adventure Treehouse

Clementi Crest Playground: Adventure Treehouse

Clementi Crest is the towering blocks of HDB apartments beside the Clementi Central market. At the base of Block 445B, you will find one of the Clementi Crest playgrounds – The Adventure Treehouse, a playground designed for children from five to 12 years old.

The Adventure Treehouse consists of two separate wooden structures. These look like they are fashioned out of wooden planks – treehouse style.

Wooden Obstacles

There are various features at the Clementi Crest playground for kids to challenge themselves.

Wooden Obstacles

Kids can make their way up a wall and ladder to reach a low platform.

Cute handholds

There are cute animal-shaped handholds for kids to use.

Wooden tunnel

Kids will need to duck down as they make their way through a tunnel fashioned out of wooden planks.

Interestingly, the Adventure Treehouse at Clementi Crest playground also has some slightly more challenging obstacles.

Cargo net bridge - Clementi Crest Playground

On one of the play structures, there is a cargo net bridge for kids to step on and over.

Wooden stick bridge

The other play structure has a bridge made up of wooden sticks that are spaced apart.

To help kids conquer these, there are ropes for them to hold on to on either side of the obstacles.

Climbing obstacles at the Clementi Playground

The Clementi Crest Adventure Treehouse offers a bit of simple fun for children. It is located next to 321 Clementi.

The Candy Trail: For Younger Kids

Candy House

Younger children between the ages of two to five can head over to The Candy Trail located at the base of the Block 445 multi-storey car park.

This themed playground immerses kids into a fantasy land of lollipops, confections and candy applies. Read more about The Candy Trail here.