All About Dogs Exhibition At Singapore Philatelic Museum: Puppy Love Stamped All Over

Stamps on Dogs
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Usher in the Year is the Dog with the All About Dogs exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum! With a multi-sensory and thoughtfully designed space and over 300 beautiful stamps on display, you can learn more about the special bond between dogs and humans and why they are known as “man’s best friend”.

All About Dogs exhibition at Singapore Philatelic MuseumThe colourful All About Dogs exhibition is both educational and interactive. Many of the exhibits catered to meet the eye line of children so that they can properly enjoy them.

Here are some of the interactive things to enjoy around this Singapore Philatelic Museum exhibition for the Year of the Dog.

Puppy Snuggles

Dog toys around the Year of the Dog exhibition at Singapore Philatelic MuseumSnuggle up to the many soft-toy dogs located all over the exhibition space while learning about dogs. Kids can look at stamps featuring adorable puppies and look out for educational information on the life cycle of a dog, phrases inspired by dogs and even watch videos about dogs.

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Sensory Fun

Learn about a dog's sensesHow different are our senses from a dog’s? Test your hearing and see if you can hear the high pitched sounds, your smell to see if you can identify what the three mysterious smells are, and see if you can identify the different colours in the interactive ball exhibit! Don’t forget to look out for tips and tricks on how to read the body language of the dog and also for the fluffy fur that you can touch taken from a real husky! (Don’t worry, no Huskies were harmed as part of the making of the All About Dogs exhibition, only groomed.)

Discover Breeds

Different breeds of dogsDid you know that there are over 200 breeds of dogs today? Pick up a magnifying glass and take a look at the seven different groups of dogs and what their special traits are. There are many stamps featuring familiar dog breeds that are seen around Singapore and kids are sure to have a fun time naming them off one by one. Head to the quiz corner and put your knowledge of different breeds to the test!

Meet Our Singapore Dogs

Dogs in SingaporeIf you ever wondered what the most popular dog breeds in Singapore are, here’s where you can find your answer. You can also read about the different organisations in Singapore that dedicate their time and energy to save stray dogs around Singapore.

Dogs with Jobs, Jobs with Dogs

Learn about the jobs that dogs do.More than just companions, dogs are great teammates and help humans out in many different jobs. These range from tracking drugs and explosives, rescuing people and giving assistance to those who have any physical difficulties. Quiz yourself on the many jobs that dogs all over the world do on a daily basis!

The All About Dogs exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum also has displays on famous dogs from around the world. There are also many stamps with iconic dog characters such as Snoopy, Goofy and even Snowy from Tin Tin on display. You can also learn about dogs that made history because of their personality, loyalty or even because of the different places that they’ve been!

Dog groom parlour at All About Dogs exhibition at Singapore Philatelic MuseumChildren can also have their hand at grooming dogs at the interactive doggy parlour, complete with a bathtub, grooming tools, and of course lots of beautiful stamps that they can appreciate as well! Try to find the various dog breeds in the stamps on display!

“Adopt” Some Dog (Postal Items)

Dog cards and stampsThe Singapore Philatelic Museum is also selling postcards and collectable stamps in conjunction with the Lunar New Year 2018. Each set comes with an adorable paper cutting which will add to the decoration of the festive season.

All About Dogs at the Singapore Philatelic Museum is a must-visit for dog lovers or those who are interested to learn all about dogs! The exhibition is ongoing from 14 February to 1 December 2018.

All About Dogs, Singapore Philatelic Museum ExhibitionAll About Dogs, Singapore Philatelic Museum

Address: 23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807
Dates: 14 February to 1 December 2018
Opening Hours: 10 am to 7 pm
Admission: Adults: $8; Child: $6; Free admission for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

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