5 Wetlands In Singapore: Because Wetland Biodiversity Matters

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Singapore has plenty of nicely maintained parks but did you know that we have wetlands too. These wetlands in Singapore can be found around the island and play an important role.

According to Ramsar, the body which organises World Wetlands Day on 2 February each year, wetlands play an important role in removing pollutants, conserving land and providing an environment for animal species such as reptiles, amphibians, water birds and mammals.

Wetlands in Singapore

Pay a visit to one of the wetlands in Singapore and you would be able to appreciate its role as a habitat for animals, large and small.

Here are some wetlands in Singapore that you can visit.

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1. Keppel Discovery Wetlands

Keppel Discovery Wetlands, Learning ForestRecreated within Singapore Botanic Gardens is the Keppel Discovery Wetlands. It is a restoration of the forest wetland ecosystem that once existed in the vicinity. It provides a more natural spot within the well-manicured Gardens. You can also join tours to learn more about life amongst the wetlands. Read more about Keppel Discovery Wetlands.

2. Rasau Walk, Jurong Lake Gardens

Rasau WalkWalk along the edge of Jurong Lake at the red-coloured, 300-metre long Rasau Walk boardwalk. The meandering boardwalk at Jurong Lake Gardens passes by partially submerged plants, part of the freshwater swamp ecosystem. South of Rasau Walk are the Neram Streams, naturalised water channels that flow into Jurong Lake. Read more about Jurong Lake Gardens.

3. Kranji Marshes

DragonflyAt the Kranji Marshes, the songs of birds filled the air, occasionally punctuated by croaks and other interesting sounds. Keep your eyes peeled during the visit and you may even be able to spot woodpeckers and orioles at this nature spot. Read more about Kranji Marshes.

4. Tampines Eco Green

Tampines Eco Green - Wetlands in SingaporeTampines Eco Green’s ecosystems include secondary forests, freshwater wetland, vegetated swales and grasslands. Venture to one of the bird hides along the water bodies and see if you are able to spot some of the water fowl along the water’s edge. Read more about Tampines Eco Green.

5. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Crocodile at Sungei Buloh Wetland ReserveNo list of wetlands in Singapore would be complete without mentioning Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Located in the northwest of Singapore, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, with its tidal pools and mangrove forests are a haven for wildlife. If you are lucky, you may even be able to spot otters in the water and the famous Sungei Buloh crocodile! Read more about Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve.

Besides the locations above, other wetlands in Singapore can be found at Pasir Ris Park and at offshore islands such as Pulau Ubin and St John’s Island.

World Wetlands Day

Singapore’s wetlands act as a reminder for us to preserve our local biodiversity and natural heritage.

To engage kids and raise their awareness of wetlands, you can make use of a colouring sheet from Ramsar that was released for World Wetlands Day 2020.

World Wetlands Day

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