Jurong Lake Gardens Lakeside Garden: Nature, Play And Community

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Lakeside Garden, the western section of Jurong Lake Gardens, has opened and there is plenty to enjoy around the huge, 53-hectare recreational space.

Jurong Lake Garden’s Lakeside Gardens has been developed with a strong emphasis on nature and incorporating the feedback from the community. Occupying the area that was once Jurong Lake Park, it is one of three segments that will make up the overall 90-hectare Jurong Lake Gardens. Other segments include Chinese and Japanese Gardens (also known as Jurong Lake Gardens Central) and the Garden Promenade (Jurong Lake Gardens East).

The Jurong Lake Gardens Lakeside Garden takes advantage of its waterside location to provide a wonderful green space for visitors. It has been developed around the themes of nature, play and the community.

Jurong Lake Gardens Lakeside Garden Highlights

Here are some of the highlights at Lakeside Garden, from North to South.

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Clusia Cove

Clusia CoveLocated at the northern end of the Jurong Lake Gardens’ Lakeside Garden, Clusia Cove is a closed-loop circulation system where the water is cleansed through a natural filtration process. It also incorporates a children’s water play area which mimics the tides and a sand play area. The water play area at Clusia Cove is open on Tuesdays to Sunday, from 8 am to 7 pm.

Clusia Cove, Jurong Lake GardensClusia Cove also has a restaurant, Fusion Spoon, which offers both Asian and Western cuisines for those in need of refreshment.

PAssion WaVe @ Jurong Lake Gardens

PAssion WaVeLook out towards the Twin Pagodas of the Chinese Gardens, Passion Wave is PA Water Venture’s water sports centre. The waterfront facility by PA offers lifestyle activities for everyone, ranging from families to youths and working professionals. Rent a pedal boat or kayak from here to hit the water.

Lakeside Field

Lakeside FieldThis open space is used for events, such as concerts and movie screening, at the northern end of Jurong Lake Gardens Lakeside Garden.

Forest Ramble – Jurong Lake Gardens Children’s Playground

Forest Ramble – Jurong Lake Gardens Children’s PlaygroundFamilies will want to head over to Forest Ramble, the nature-inspired Jurong Lake Gardens Children’s Playground at Lakeside Garden. The adventure stations at this outdoor playground have all been inspired by the movement of animals which inhabit a freshwater swamp forest.

Fly through the air like a butterfly, scamper about like an otter and head up to a nest like a heron. The wooden structures at the Jurong Lake Gardens Children’s Playground invite children to explore and reconnect with nature through play.

Butterfly Maze (Coming Soon)

Butterfly Maze (Coming Soon)Close to the Forest Ramble, a Butterfly Maze will be coming soon. This is complemented by a Butterfly Field, a stone’s throw away.

Gardenhouse and Allotment Gardens

Jurong Lake GardensThe Gardenhouse is the epicentre of all gardening related activities at Lakeside Garden. Close by, there are various gardening plots at the Allotment Garden, which will be tended to by the community.

Other facilities located close to the Gardenhouse include a Dog Run.


GrasslandsWho knew that lalang could look so pretty. Lakeside Garden’s Grasslands is a picturesque landscape which will make you feel you have been transported to the countryside. The 3.5 hectare area has six different species of grass and about 300,000 plants. There are three bird hides where visitors can observe birds that feed on the grass seeds.

Rasau Walk

Rasau WalkAnother picturesque location at Jurong Lake Gardens is the Rasau Walk. The 300-metre, brightly-coloured boardwalk meanders gracefully over the waters of the lake. Keep a look out for plants like the Nibong Palm and Sealing Wax Palm at the restored freshwater swamp habitat.

ActiveSG Park

ActiveSG ParkSport Singapore’s ActiveSG Park is a community space located at the southern end of Lakeside Garden. Features include a publicly-accessible covered pavilion, pool, gym and rooftop lookout deck

Neram Streams and Heron Island

Neram Streams and Heron IslandTake a walk along the paths of the Neram Streams trek at the southern end of Lakeside Garden. These unpaved paths will bring you down to the gentle waters of the Neram Streams, tributaries that flow into the Jurong Lake. This area now features 1.3 km of naturalised waterways and was originally a 300-metre long concrete drain.


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