Where To Get In Your 10,000 Steps In Indoor Comfort

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Walking is a great way to exercise and some of us are intent on hitting our goal of 10,000 steps a day. Singapore has plenty of outdoor parks and gardens where you can sweat it out while getting in those footfalls, but how about places where you can enjoy a walk in air-conditioned or indoor comfort?

Just for the fun of it, we checked out three indoor spots to get in your 10,000 steps. Let us walk your through each location.

Changi Airport

Changi Airport - Getting in 10,000 steps indoorsWhen it comes to a place with plenty of space to go walking in air-conditioned comfort, Changi Airport immediately comes to mind. What’s more, terminals 1, 2 and 3 are all interconnected, plus, there is Jewel to walk through too!

To get our steps in, we started off our walk from Terminal 3 Check-in Row 1 on the Departure Level. Our route took us past the various check-in rows to the Skytrain. We took the Skytrain to Terminal 1, walked across the Terminal 1 check-in rows and boarded the Skytrain at the other end to get to Terminal 2.

At Terminal 2, we walked past the check-in counters and ended off near the Terminal 2 Starbucks outlet.

Approximate number of steps in one direction: 1,600

Number of times in order to hit 10,000 steps: 6

The route above makes use of the Skytrains. As an alternative, we tried an “all-walking” route which makes use of the link bridges through Jewel.

Using the Link Bridges at Changi AirportThis route took use from Terminal 3 Check-in Row 1 through the link bridge to Jewel (avoid the travellators), past the shops at Jewel level 2 and onwards to Terminal 2, all the way to Starbucks near Terminal 2 Car Park 2A.

This route got in more steps than the first even though it doesn’t include Terminal 1.

Approximate number of steps in one direction: 2,300

Number of times in order to hit 10,000 steps: 4

Marina Bay Sands Shoppes

Marina Bay Sands ShoppesThe second route that we tried out was the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. While there are many possible side routes, we decided to focus on walking the length of the Shoppes from the food court end to the side where Black Tap is located.

There are three levels at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes; we discovered that the shortest route is at the basement level while the longest is at the first floor, which opens out to the Bayfront Plaza area.

The Marina Bay Sands basement route took us past quite a few restaurants and eateries. It didn’t clock in as many steps as we expected.

Approximate number of steps in one direction: 700

Number of times in order to hit 10,000 steps: 14

The route along level 1 was a bit longer. On the plus side, there were also more retail stores to window shop as we walked past.

Approximate number of steps in one direction: 850

Number of times in order to hit 10,000 steps: 12


J-WalkOur last location that we visited to try out indoor walking to get in our steps was at Jurong East.

It wasn’t exactly all indoor as the route makes its way through shopping malls as well as outdoor (but sheltered) walkways.

Walking through Big BoxWe started off at Jem, trying to avoid being distracted by the shops as we made our way to the link bridge that connect Jem to the now-defunct Big Box. Even though Big Box is closed, it still provides passage through to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

We crossed the link bridge to Tower B and walked through the hospital’s retail area towards Tower A. From Tower A, we crossed the link bridge and headed through Westgate in order to get back to the Jem via the J-Walk link bridge.

Approximate number of steps in one direction: 1600

Number of times in order to hit 10,000 steps: 6

10,000 Steps Indoors in Singapore

10,000 Steps Indoors in Singapore
If you walk through Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, you can also read a signboard about the many benefits of walking!

Whether it is your resolution to get healthier or just want to get active while it is pouring outside, these three locations are great for getting in steps. Of course, you can also get in your steps anywhere – we just decided to try out these particular locations. Make time to go out for a walk with the family – it is a great activity that is easy for all to take part in!

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