Take the Stress Out of Preparing Your Children’s Breakfasts on School Day Mornings

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“I don’t know what to prepare for my child’s breakfast tomorrow!”

Ever thought that before? If you have, you’re not alone.

Many parents have to contend with getting their kids out of bed, changed and ready for school in the short space of time between the opening of weary eyes and when feet need to scramble out of the door.

Mornings are busy enough without having to spend more time asking a child what they would like for the most important meal of the day, or trying to convince them to eat what is on the table in front of them.

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If you are looking for an easier way to deal with fussy eaters in the morning, try this simple idea.

Create a breakfast menu that allows your child to select what they want for breakfast. You can pre-determine the food choices on the menu and let them select what they want the night before.

Your child gets a chance to take ownership of their breakfast choice and you won’t be stuck the next day trying to force him or her to eat something they don’t want to.

Here’s how to create your very own personalised breakfast menu:

1. Make a list of a few of your child’s favourite breakfast choices. Copy images of the various food and “paste” them into a Powerpoint document.

Breakfast Menu

2. Print out the document and stick it on to your refrigerator door.

Breakfast Menu

3. Using a small magnet, create a “marker” for your child.


4. Now your child can use his or her personalised marker to indicate their breakfast choice for the next day!


It’s that simple and a fun project to embark on with your child as well!

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