Singapore Maritime Gallery: A Voyage of Discovery

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Ship ahoy! The brand new Singapore Maritime Gallery, moored at Marina South Pier on 12 September 2012, lets you and the kids be a ship captain and steer different vessels under various weather conditions, and much more.

Developed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and key industry partners, the gallery is designed to give visitors a fun, interactive and educational experience.

Marina South Pier

Singapore Maritime Gallery is on the second level at Marina South Pier.

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Little Day Out sailed through the 10 zones within the 1,000 square metres gallery that is free for all to visit and discovered Maritime Singapore anew.

Discover Maritime

Welcome Aboard

At the entrance of the Singapore Maritime Gallery, a historic bronze bell salutes visitors. The bell used to stand at the bow of the vessel owned by The Eastern Shipping Co., formed in 1907. It was used for signalling, keeping time and served as a warning signal to other ships when visibility was poor.

Ship Bell

LEGO MuraiAlso at the entrance is a mural depicting the vibrancy of Maritime Singapore, built using more than 100,000 LEGO pieces from across the maritime community.

Our Place in the Sea of Change

Sea Of Change

What better way to get a dynamic overview of the maritime industry than through a wide screen display? This video in the first zone of the gallery gives you an insight into the restricted port operations areas, from container handling to lighthouses, and the diversity of the different sectors in this global business.

The Sea in Our Lives

Over 90% of the world trade is carried by sea. Our maritime connectivity to the rest of the world is vital to the growth of Singapore and facilitates the shipment of our daily needs. Kids can learn about the importance of port operations and shipping in our everyday life as they make their mark on the interactive ‘Connectivity’ table to see how we obtain basic commodities like rice, oil, medical supplies and clothes.

Sea In Our Live

A Cruise Through History

Cruise Through History

It is here where you can sail into Singapore’s maritime beginnings and discover how our quiet island transformed into a major international maritime centre and one of the world’s busiest ports. Today, Singapore is a leading voice in the international maritime community.

Singapore as a Major Hub Port


Step foot into an actual 20-foot cargo container in this zone showcasing Singapore as a major hub port. Touch the corrugated walls and imagine the different types of cargo that once sat in here.


Big ShipYou can learn how Singapore stayed at the forefront of technological innovations to be a major hub in the world and see a large ship model known as the “big ship”.

Port Operations

On the ship are interactive panels that let you control the small-scaled port operations.

Ship Models

In all, there are more than 30 ship and rig models on display in the gallery, including the first container ship to arrive in Singapore in 1972, the cruise ship SuperStar Virgo and the different types of vessels that sail our seas.

Ship Bridge Simulator

Ship Bridge Simulator

To us, this is the key highlight at the Gallery and will be a hit with the kids – the ship bridge simulator. Here, you can sit in a realistic mockup of a ship bridge (the room where the vessel is commanded) and experience being a captain for a day! Learn how to steer and berth a ship under various sea conditions and it’s not easy navigating a ship for the first time, we must say!

Navigating the Seas of Change


Another hot favourite is the Vessel Traffic Information System console that allows you to learn how to handle challenging vessel traffic management operations.

A Sea of Opportunities

Sea Of Vocation

The dynamic maritime cluster in Singapore introduces its many exciting career opportunities through pictures.

Fun At Sea! Children’s Corner

As part of the gallery, there is a dedicated zone for young visitors. The kids will enjoy activities such as digital cosplay and painting, an interactive water ripple projection, a LEGO play-wall, as well as an art and craft area.

Fun At Sea

Fun at Sea! Children’s Corner.

Interactive Water Ripple

The interactive water ripple projection display.





Lego Wall

LEGO play wall.

Keep the Fun Going

Soak in the panoramic views of the pier, the sea and the Marina South district, while having fun at the maritime-themed playground on the third-storey rooftop plaza and garden.

Roof Terrace


Enjoy a cuppa at Mariners’ Cove, a café on Level 2, or tuck into a hearty all Americal Tex-Mex grill dinner at Sante Fe on board the Stewords Riverboat, the iconic three-decked non-motorised Missisippi Steamboat moored at Marina South Pier.

Getting There

Maritime Singapore awaits your discovery.

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