Robot Playground In Yishun: Playground In Disguise

Robot themed playground
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What’s blue, grey, yellow and red, and looks like a playground? A robot-themed playground in Yishun!

The Robot Playground in Yishun is one of the more unique neighbourhood playgrounds that we have come across because of the way it is themed. It is made up of two towers which are connected by a platform and a netted “valley”.

Robot Playground In Yishun

Robot Playground In Yishun

At the top of each playground tower, four robot faces look outwards sternly. They look as if on sentry duty, surveying the lie of the land in front of them.

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Robot Boots

At the base of each tower are sturdy-looking robot boots, firmly planting the robot playground to the ground.

Yishun robot playground - Transformer Playground

The slides of the Yishun robot playground also have been themed to look as if they belong to a mechanical being. Blue-coloured “canopies” mark out the top of each slide.

Yellow net

Connecting the two robot towers, there is also an interesting yellow netted “valley” with ropes which kids can used to descend from one tower and climb up to the next one.

Robot Playground In Yishun: Playground In Disguise - Transformer Playground

Other play elements at the Robot Playground in Yishun are quite standard fare. These include climbing walls and play panels. One of the grey climbing walls has a little, narrow tunnel through it that one the smallest of kids would be able to squeeze through.

Play in the Neighbourhood

Play in the Neighbourhood

This robot playground is one of several in the vicinity. All the playgrounds surround a little grassy knoll in the neighbourhood. The playground is not far from Northland Primary School.

You can find it in front of the coffee shop at Block 645 Yishun Street 61.

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