NIFREL In Osaka, Japan: A Unique Aquazoo Experience

NIFREL In Osaka, Japan: A Unique Aquazoo Experience
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What exactly is NIFREL in Osaka, Japan? Is it a zoo? Is it an aquarium?

To answer the question, NIFREL is an aquazoo – a unique combination of an aquarium, a zoo and some would say a museum too. This interactive, family-friendly attraction is located at EXPOCITY in North Osaka, Japan. It is part of the larger complex which includes the LaLaPort Shopping Mall and VS Park.

NIFREL’s different zones are set over two floors. The exhibits have been thoughtfully organised based on themes such as Colors, Abilities, Shapes, Behaviour and Biodiversity.

Colors, Shapes and Abilities

Colors at NIFRELColors is a showcase of the brilliant colours found in the natural world.

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Prawn at NIFREL13 tanks of aquatic life with vivid reds, orange and blue creatures attract the eye.

Abilities zone at NIFRELThe next zone, Abilities, is also one of the most fascinating.

Doctor fishHere, you can try having sticking your finger into a pool of water to feed a swarm of doctor fish.

Archer fish display at NIFREL, Osaka, JapanThere is also an innovative set up where you can watch archerfish shooting bullets of water out of the tank at prey suspected above.

ShapesShapes is a particularly atmospheric zone within NIFREL. The exhibits have been interestingly presented to highlight the beauty of individual animals.

Wonder MomentsBridging the first and second floors of the aquazoo is Wonder Moments, a dazzling multimedia show by artist Takahiro Matsuo. It is projected on to a globe and kids absolutely love it.

White Tiger at the Waterside

The second floor holds more surprises.

NIFREL's Waterside zoneAt the Waterside zone, animals that live by the water are displayed.

White Tiger at NIFRELAt other places, an alligator would be the largest predator in its care but NIFREL has an enclosure with a white tiger prowling through it!

Eat, Eat, Eat

NIFREL’s café – Eat Eat EatWaterside is also where you will find NIFREL’s café – Eat Eat Eat. The most interesting food item available here is probably Eating Water.

Eating Water, NIFRELThis snack comes in a ball and, thankfully, with some instructions on how to eat it too.


Behaviour zone at NIFRELThe journey continues on to the Behaviour zone – a walk-in section with free-ranging birds and other little critters.

Animals at the Behaviour Zone at NIFREL, EXPOCITY, OsakaBeavers, lemurs and even a capybara are some of the animals that call this section of NIFREL home.


BiodiversityBefore leaving NIFREL, watch a presentation at the Biodiversity zone based on the theme of “Being the same”, “Being different” and Being interactive between them”.

NIFREL ShopThere is also a shop where you can buy a souvenir to take home from your visit.

NIFREL is an innovative concept where aqua life and terrestrial animals are brought together in an indoor facility. The exhibits are well-presented and it is a family-friendly and interactive attraction to visit when in Osaka, Japan.

Purchase Your E-Tickets to NIFREL and Beat the Queues

You can purchase your tickets to NIFREL in advance. By purchasing an e-ticket, you can skip the ticket counter queues and head straight to the attraction’s entrance.

Only purchase tickets from authorised agents such as Klook. Purchase your E-Tickets to NIFREL Interactive Aquazoo in Osaka here.15975 8


Where: Senri bampaku koen, Suita-shi, Osaka, 565-0826, JAPAN

Little Day Out is a Klook affiliate and receives a small commission for each ticket purchased to NIFREL Interactive Aquazoo through our Klook link.

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