Developing The Champion In Your Child, MindChamps @ Zhongshan Park Shares More On Its Unique 3-Mind Education Model.

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When choosing a preschool, there are a few factors that parents usually consider before making their choice. These include factors such as the depth of the curriculum (does it provide a good foundation for their child’s learning during the preschool years?), and the school’s environment (is the space conducive for learning and how will their child be nurtured with the essential skills that will prepare them for the rest of their schooling years?).

At MindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan Park, parents can rest assured that these considerations are well taken care of through the school’s programmes and activities, which nurtures children holistically and prepares them to face the challenges of the future.

MindChamps PreSchool Prepares Children to Thrive in a Globalised World

MindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan Park: Developing A Child Takes A CommunityAt MindChamps PreSchool, children are prepared to thrive in a fast-changing, globalised world through the ‘3-Mind’ education model. Drawing on the work of Professor Allan Synder and other experts in the fields of Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre, this educational framework is designed to inculcate the winning mindset in children during the early years.

Through the 3-Mind education model, children are nurtured with the Champion Mind, the Learning Mind, and the Creative Mind through classroom activities using the S.M.I.L.E.S. (Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social) approach. This methodology shapes young minds through crafted play activities, developing their individual creativity – the most valuable resource to thrive in a future where Artificial Intelligence will be prevalent.

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The curriculum includes core and enrichment programmes such as MindChamps Reading and Writing™, The Love for Chinese Language™, Numeracy Strategies™, NeuroMooves™, Music for the Mind™, and more.

MindChamps Zhongshan ParkAt MindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan Park, children benefit from outdoor play at the nearby Zhongshan Park. During the outdoor sessions, the children are engaged through fun games, sporting activities and outdoor storytelling sessions.

Outdoor play allows children to develop both physically and socially, and this complements their classroom-based lessons.

Partnering with Parents

Partnering with Parents at MindChamps Preschool Zhongshan ParkParents also play a very important role in their children’s learning journey at MindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan Park. The centre’s principal and teachers make it a point to keep them updated and involved in the children’s activities throughout the year.

One of the special touchpoints that MindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan Park initiates with parents is through the tea sessions. During these sessions, parents are invited to the centre to experience the types of activities that their children go through on a typical school day.

MindChamps Tea Sessions are opportunities for parents to experience what their children do in class.The tea sessions are much more than a one-way sharing session by the centre. In fact, parents get to engage in some of the activities which their children do in class too.

For example, parents may get to create an art sculpture or experience the Gourmet Moments programme by whipping up a sandwich together.

Learning at MindChamps Zhongshan ParkThrough these activities, parents get a better idea on what their children are learning about in school and, in turn, are able to support and reinforce their children’s learning at home.

Special events at MindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan ParkMindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan Park also organises special events such as Parents’ Day and festival celebrations where the children, parents and teachers get to spend time together outside of the centre.

Parents' Day outings at MindChamps Preschool Zhongshan ParkOn Parents’ Day, the centre organises visits to places of interest around Singapore – and mummies and daddies are invited to tag along. Some Parents’ Day excursions that were organised include visits to the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Chinatown.

These experiences have contributed towards the strong community spirit within MindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan Park.

Visit MindChamps Zhongshan Park now!

Learn more about the programmes and community at MindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan Park by dropping by for a visit. Come and experience a preschool learning environment where children are nurtured with the Champion Mind, Learning Mind and Creative Mind – making them Champs in their own right.

To arrange a visit, call MindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan Park at 67347702. Alternatively, you can book an appointment here.

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