Meet the Makers at The Centrepoint in October

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Make a musical instrument out of vegetable, fly a drone and see a hologram. Meet the makers and you might even become one at the inaugural The Centrepoint’s Makers’ Festival.

The Centrepoint’s Makers’ Festival

The month-long festival consists of three-parts.

From 7 October 2016, enjoy the Makers’ Marketplace where local artisans sell one-of-a-kind items such as hand-crocheted bears, handmade jewellery, upcycled homewares.

From 11 to the 16 October, The Makers’ Block will showcase the works, skills and inventions of makers. There will be indoor kite flying and drone challenges. Visitors will be able to make rubber band guns, their own cardboard furniture and wonder at holograms.

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Centrepoint's Makers' Festival

The last part of the Makers’ Festival are the many workshops taking place throughout the mall. Make musical instruments out of fruit and veg at Cold Storage when it returns on 22 October, or join in a vocal workshop by Seimpi Education. Registration is required for workshops.


Mr. William Hooi, Executive Director of SG Makers’ Association, said, “Anyone can be a maker, whether young, old or from any walk of life, and having the ability to create something special from your own hands for yourself, your friends and your family is a skill that is never too late to pick-up. With the growing undercurrent of makers interested in all things handmade and personal, it is the ideal time for the Singapore Makers to be part of the Makers’ Festival at The Centrepoint where local makers can come together to share, learn, tinker and innovate together.”

To mark the inaugural Makers’ Festival at The Centrepoint, the first 600 participants to complete any four workshops or walk-in activities will receive a $10 The Centrepoint Gift Card. Visit for more information.

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