LEGOLAND Water Park: Colourful Fun in the Water

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The bright yellow, blue and red colours of the LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park open to the public on 21 October 2013. Designed especially for families with young children, the new LEGOLAND Water Park at Nusajaya, Johor, is the largest LEGOLAND Water Park in the world and the first to have a gate adjoining the LEGOLAND Theme Park.

The entrance to LEGOLAND Water Park can be found to the left of the LEGOLAND Theme Park’s entrance. Tickets to the Water Park can be purchased at this entrance.

Built on a hill, LEGOLAND Water Park’s 13 rides and attractions roughly rise in “excitement-quotient” with the terrain. These water-based rides and attractions cater to younger children and can be surprisingly fun even for adults.

One aspect of the LEGOLAND Water Park that came through was the interactivity of the rides and attractions. The Water Park features attractions such as a lazy river that invites families to play with blocks while floating along in it. There are also side-by-side racing water slides and water slides that two, four or even six persons can enjoy together. Rather than catering to individual adrenalin junkies, LEGOLAND Water Park feels like a place that was built for families to enjoy together.

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Getting to Know LEGOLAND Water Park

LEGOLAND Water Park is roughly divided into three sections – the lower, mid and upper sections.

The lower section is best for younger children. Rides and activities here include the DUPLO Splash Safari, Imagination Station, Build-A-Raft River, Joker Soaker and the LEGO Wave Pool.

DUPLO Splash Safari

Designed for toddlers, this shallow wading pool is home to oversized DUPLO animals such as an elephant, giraffe and polar bear. Fountains come alive with a twist of a handle, and there are broad, gentle slides for toddler-sized swooshes.


Imagination Station

What is a LEGO park without a chance to get creative? At the Imagination Station, kids can use DUPLO bricks to create their own structures and use water jets to test them to destruction.

Imagination Station

Build-A-Raft River

Every water park needs a lazy river. LEGOLAND’s twist is to have hard foam LEGO pieces floating along theirs. Kids will soon be grabbing at these colourful blue, red and yellow bricks to snap on to their floats as they sail along.

Build A Raft

Joker Soaker

We were wondering why it was called Joker Soaker until we stepped inside. This brightly coloured water play structure feels like a circus fun house. There are many corridors with hidden water bobby traps waiting for unsuspecting “victims” and dangling ropes with a surprise at the other end that are not possible to resist pulling. Have fun scaling the Joker Soaker and make your way back down the fun way through one of its many slides.

Joker Soaker

LEGO Wave Pool

This wave pool has a LEGO dolphin flanked by two LEGO mermaids as its centrepiece. Only 1.4 metres at the deepest end, the pool has gentle to moderate intensity waves.

Wave Pool

The next section of the Water Park is just beside the LEGO Wave Pool. It consists of three water rides – Red Rush, Splash Out and Twin Chasers.

Red Rush

Hop into an inflatable raft and swish down a curving track with a super wide half-pipe. Families can ride together in the raft, and it is a good way for children to have a go at a water slide together with their parents.

Red Rush

Splash Out

This blue-coloured water slide heads off from the same platform as Red Rush. This is a fun one-person slide that splashes out to the pool below.

Twin Chasers

Great for a two-person contest, racers start off side-by-side at the top of the two green water tubes before disappearing into them and eventually emerging at the splashdown pools side-by-side. Racers don’t who know if they have won until they emerge at the end of the tunnel!

Twin Chasers

The last section of the park is home to five water rides, Brick Blaster, Splash ‘N’ Swirl, Wave Rider, Tidal Tube and LEGO Slide Racers.

Brick Blaster and Splash ‘N’ Swirl both require floats and can accommodate multiple riders, whereas Wave Rider and Tidal Tube are rides for individuals. Right at the back of the park is the LEGO Slide Racers.


Brick Blaster

You will see many people clutching green floats and queuing up the stairs for the red-and-yellow Brick Blasters ride. Two tunnels and a huge funnel make this ride highly popular and expect long waiting times.

Brick Blaster

Splash ‘N’ Swirl

This orange water slide can be done individually or as a tandem ride. As the name suggests, get ready to be taken for a swirl.

Wave Rider & Tidal Tube

These two rides are both 240 feet long. Wave Rider is an open slide and Tidal Tube is enclosed. Choose between darkness and light, or do both!

LEGO Slide Racers

At the rear of the park, and also at its highest point, is the LEGO Slide Racers. Riders, up to six at a time, can hurl themselves downwards in a race to the bottom!

Slide Racer

LEGOLAND Water Park’s Other Amenities

There are two food outlets at LEGOLAND Water Park. Beach ‘N’ Brick Grill is found just beside the LEGO Wave Pool. It serves up burgers, hot dogs and nasi lemak sets. The other is the Brick Bay Café by the Joker Soaker which has lighter fare.

We suspect that locating the Beach ‘N’ Brick Grill beside the LEGO Wave Pool may have an unintended side effect. It becomes a convenient location for people to sit by and watch the kids in the wave pool, resulting in a shortage of tables at meal times as people have “planted” themselves there.

The signages at the Beach ‘N’ Brick Grill can also be misleading. There are two queues at the ordering counter. Both accept orders from the entire menu. Unfortunately, the sign above one of the ordering counters says “Menu” and lists the food items and the sign above the other counter says “Beverages” and lists the drinks available. Guess which queue is longer at lunchtime?


Other amenities at the park include cabanas that are available for rent, and there are even drying machines.

Lockers, changing rooms and showers are found by the Water Park’s entrance. Small lockers are priced at RM20, and large lockers are RM40. Access to the lockers is by biometric finger scans. This means that, in a group, whoever’s fingerprint is used to rent the locker must be prepared to head back each time anything needs to be taken out from it.


We also felt that floors in the Park can get slippery. This was particularly so on the pathway leading up to the tower with the Brick Blaster and Splash ‘N’ Swirl. Do watch out for the kids on those sloped steps.

So, was LEGOLAND Water Park Fun?

Yes, it was fun! We particularly liked that the park does make an effort to cater to families with young children. The rides are mild-to-moderate and suit young kids.

There are other little touches as well. For example, at some other park’s lazy rivers, there is typically only one type of float – a donut-shaped one. However, these can sometimes be too large for younger children who may be scared to “sit” in them. LEGOLAND Water Park’s Build-A-Raft River has donut-shaped floats with the hole sealed up. This allows young children to sit on top of the float as if it was a raft. A small point but one that parents with finicky kids will appreciate.

LEGOLAND Water Park is a welcomed complement to LEGOLAND Theme Park. With the planned opening of LEGOLAND Hotel in 2014, there will soon be even more reasons to head to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort for a day or two of family fun.

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