LEGOLAND Hotel: Specially for Kids

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It is hard to miss the LEGOLAND Hotel. Even from a distance, the brightly coloured hotel is unmistakable. With Pirate, Adventure and Kingdom LEGO-themed rooms, the LEGOLAND Hotel is designed to complement two other LEGOLAND Malaysia properties, the LEGOLAND Theme Park and LEGOLAND Water Park.

Hotel Front

LEGOLAND Hotel Lobby

Most hotel lobbies are formal spaces. LEGOLAND Hotel’s lobby is completely the opposite. At the centre of the spacious lobby are a life-sized castle that kids can run into and a pirate ship. Around the structures are plenty of LEGO pieces for kids to pick up and play with.


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Castle Theme

Elevators taking passengers from the lobby to the rooms are fully decorated. Adding to the excitement, once the doors close, disco music is cued and families can dance along to hits such as YMCA and Turn the Beat Around during the ride up to the rooms.


Each floor is decorated according to one of three themes – Pirate, Adventure or Kingdom. This is reflected in the carpeting, wallpaper and figurines along the corridors.


Each of LEGOLAND’s rooms has a separate sleeping area for adults and children.

The children’s sleeping area comes with a bunk bed, with an additional trundle bed below. This can accommodate up to three children.

Kids Room

Bunk Beds

The rooms are filled with child-friendly features and little surprises to keep them entertained.

A LEGO monkey sits atop a locked chest in one corner. This is not the safe deposit box but a little treasure chest for kids to unlock. Hunt around the room for clues to solve the puzzle on a “treasure map” and discover the combination to unlock the treasure chest and retrieve the LEGO premiums inside.


Quest Complete

Also in the rooms are DUPLO blocks and a tic-tac-toe game built into the wall.


Tic Tac Toe

Inside the bathrooms, families will appreciate the separate basin for children, set at a lower height.

Kids Sink

Adults get a king-sized bed in a separate sleeping area. Here lies the main difference between the Hotel’s Premium Rooms and the Themed Rooms.

Adults Room

While the children’s bedrooms are fully decorated for both Premium and Themed Rooms, the Premium Rooms have more extensive decorations in the adults’ section of the bedrooms. While the Premium Rooms have LEGO wallpaper and additional LEGO sculptures for the adults’ room, the Themed Rooms only have plain wallpaper and fewer sculptures.

LEGOLAND Hotel Facilities

The main restaurant in the hotel is the 420-seat Bricks Family Restaurant. This is where the buffet breakfast gets served. The breakfast spread includes both Western and local choices.


Just outside the Bricks Family Restaurant is a play area with stations where kids can get to work with LEGO bricks. An Xbox Kinect in a corner provides entertainment for older kids.

Play AreaThere are also two small outdoor swimming pools on the fifth floor. The shallower one is 0.6 metres and the other is 1.2 metres in depth.

Swimming Pool

The lobby also has a shop selling LEGO toys and small amenities such as bottles, caps and ponchos.

Lobby Shop

Little Day Out’s Tips for a Stay at LEGOLAND Hotel

1. Check-in time is 4.00 pm and check-out is at 10.00 am. You can arrive at 10.00 am, check-in and leave your luggage at the baggage check while you head to the parks. The hotel can give you a call once the room is ready.

2. Even though there are 450 lots across two levels at the hotel, the carpark can fill up quickly. Don’t be surprised if you have to “lurk” around and wait for an available parking lot.

3. The hotel does not provide amenities such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. Bring your own.

4. The rooms do not have a safe deposit box (at least not the Themed and Premium Rooms).

5. If you don’t feel like dining at the LEGOLAND Hotel for lunch or dinner, the Mall of Medini next to the hotel provides plenty of dining options. The Hotel’s dinner buffet prices are a bit pricey at around RM79 for adults and RM39 for children, especially with younger children who may only sample a small part of the entire buffet spread.

6. The swimming pool only opens from 10.00 am onwards till 6.00 pm. Don’t plan on having an early morning dip in the pool.

7. Parking is complimentary for hotel guests. However, you will need to leave within 15 minutes of validating the ticket at the reception.

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