Jurong Bird Park Has Opened Two Rethemed Aviaries Where You Can Feed Feathered Friends

Jurong Bird Park Has Opened Two Rethemed Aviaries Where You Can Feed Feathered Friends
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Bird-feeding is one of the must-do experiences at Jurong Bird Park and there are now two rethemed aviaries at the Singapore attraction where visitors to do just that – African Treetops and Lory Loft.

Given a makeover earlier this year, the two rethemed aviaries were unveiled in July 2020 when Jurong Bird Park reopened after the Circuit Breaker period. Inside the two walk-in aviaries, visitors now have greater opportunities to interact with the birds.

African Treetops

African Treetops

African Treetops brings together a collection of 300 birds from 37 species found on the African continent. Situated at the top of the hill, it occupies the space that was formerly the Lory Loft.

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Birds at the African Treetops - Jurong Bird Park

Within the aviary, there are birds like the Great Blue Turaco, sagely-looking Crowned Hornbill and nine species of starlings, including the regal-looking purple starling. These can be spotted flying around the large aviary.

Birds at Jurong Bird Park, African Treetops

Occasionally the birds start flying around in a flock. We found out that this occurs because there is a raptor, a bird of prey, which occasionally flies above Jurong Bird Park. Its presence spooks the birds and sets them flying, which in itself if quite a thrilling sight.

Suspension Bridge at African Treetops

The African Treetops aviary is unique as it has elevated walkways and a suspension bridge which provide an immersive environment for visitors to admire the birds amongst the trees and watch them flying overhead and below.


Don’t be surprised to come across lemurs wandering around too – they are a new addition to the aviary.


One of the best ways to experience the African Treetops by booking a feeding session. These take place twice daily at 9.30 am and 1 pm.

Feeding the birds at Jurong Bird Park

For a small fee, visitors will receive a tub of mealworms to feed to the birds.

Hand feeding the birds

Those who dare can hold up larger mealworms to hand feed the hungry birds.

There are limited feeding slots available and visitors are encouraged to make a booking beforehand.

Lory Loft

Lory Loft, Jurong Bird Park

At the base of the hill, not far from the African Treetops, is the revamped Lory Loft. This occupies the former Jungle Jewels aviary next to the Bird Discovery Centre.

The new Lory Loft houses more than 145 birds of 32 species from the Australasian region, including lories, lorikeets and other parrot species.

Lories at Jurong Bird Park

Among the brightly-coloured birds are several newly introduced species like the dusky lories, red-vested lories and marigold lories. These tiny birds stand out for their brilliant plumage and have big, chirpy personalities to go along with them.


The Australiasian-themed Lory Loft is also home to Jurong Bird Park’s kookaburra.

Lory Loft at Jurong Bird Park

As with the African Treetops, you can also book a feeding session at the Lory Loft for a small fee. These are held three times a day at 11.30 am, 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm. At these times, the Lory Loft will be closed to visitors who are not feeding the birds.

A Bird in Hand

With Jurong Bird Park remaining open till 2022, the rethemed African Treetops and Lory Loft offer a good reason to pay the attraction a visit for a close encounter of the feathered kind.

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