Japan’s Asakusa Tobu Hotel Hello Kitty Rooms Are Perfect For Sanrio Fans

Hello Kitty Rooms in Tokyo, Asakusa
Image: Tobu Hotel
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Hello Kitty aficionados will want to take note of a new hotel opening in Japan. The Asakusa Tobu Hotel will have Hello Kitty rooms to cater to fan who wish to have the full kawaii experience while visiting Tokyo.

Hello Kitty Rooms in Asakusa, Japan
Image: Tobu Hotel

The new Asakusa Tobu Hotel will be opening in October 2020. The Hello Kitty rooms will be available for reservation from 24 August 2020 onwards.

The Hello Kitty themed rooms have been designed to show off the beloved Sanrio character and the unique style of the Asakusa area. They are the result of a tie-up between Tobu Hotel Management Co., Ltd. And Sanrio Co., Ltd.

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Asakusa Tobu Hotel’s Hello Kitty Themed Rooms

There are two types of Hello Kitty rooms – both of which make generous use of the colour pink (no surprise there!)

Japanese Modern Hello Kitty room
Image: Tobu Hotel

In the Japanese Modern Hello Kitty room, Hello Kitty is dressed in a kimono. The stylish room incorporates traditional motifs and can accommodate up to four persons – great for families.

There are three of the Japanese Modern Hello Kitty rooms available.

Asakusa Tobu Hotel Hello Kitty Rooms - Sakura Tenjo
Image: Tobu Hotel

The Sakura Tenjo room is based on the motif of the Sakura flower. Hello Kitty is dressed as a heavenly maiden and welcomes guests in to the pastel room. The room can accommodate up to four person and includes a floor sitting area.

There are a total of three Sakura Tenjo Hello Kitty rooms available at the Asakusa Tobu Hotel.

According to the hotel, there will also be special items available for guests as well.

Booking the Hello Kitty Rooms in Tokyo

The Hello Kitty themed rooms are going for 28,000 yen per night during the opening period.

While we may not be able to travel to Japan at the moment, it is probably worthwhile for Hello Kitty fans to take note of these cute rooms for the future.

The Asakusa Tobu Hotel is located just about a one-minute walk away from Kaminarimon, the outer gate that leads to the famous Senso-ji.



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