Our Favourite Videos Of 2019

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In 2019, we embarked on doing more video stories on Little Day Out. These videos allowed us to bring stories in a more visually engaging way to our readers / viewers.

Visit the Little Day Out YouTube page and you’ll find various video stories. “Bite Sized” videos provide a quick glimpse into the latest events and activities around Singapore. “Let’s Play” features playgrounds around Singapore while “Big Little Stories” provide insight into the lives of people and businesses. We also had “LDO Specials” throughout the year.

Here are our favourite videos of 2019. If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to Little Day Out’s YouTube page to stay up to date with the latest videos.

Children Play With The Best Toys Of All Time

Shot at Playeum, the video showcases how creative kids really are and the joy that can be derived from playing with simple items and friends.

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How to Lohei

Ever at a loss at what to say when it is time to lohei at Chinese New Year. Here is how to do it like a boss!

The Big Little Story of Jurong Frog Farm

We had an amazing experience facing our fear of frogs and learning about these animals from resident frogologist Chelsea Wan.

Battle of the Fathers

This was a collaboration with Kelvin from CheekieMonkies and Lawrence from 3 Wheeling Tots for Father’s Day 2019. They were both very game and went along with our various antics, which included stacking nachos on their biceps!

Pokemon Parade at Jewel

We were on hand to capture the sight of a parade of Pikachus around Jewel in July 2019. Hilarious!

Top 10 Playgrounds in Singapore

This video rounded up our series of shoots which invol ved running around Singapore to film playgrounds found in Singapore.

Kids React to Playgrounds in Singapore

We brought back the stars of our Let’s Play series to review the various playgrounds. It also captures some behind the scenes moments including us falling about as we were running after the energetic kids.

The Big Little Story of Huggs Epigram Coffee Bookstore

We love a good book and we are also always happy to meet others who are fiercely passionate about books, especially Singapore books! Edmund Wee, publisher at Epigram Books, is just such a person.

A Day Out at Sentosa

If you have ever wondered how to spend a day with friends at Sentosa, here it is!

Singapore Ants Exhibition

We got to uncover the fascinating world of ants with a guided tour by Singapore’s Ant Man himself, Zat Low.

Parkour in Singapore with Superfly Monkey Dragon

Derrick Siu from Superfly Monkey Dragon helped to demystify the sport of parkour for us.

Gardens at Fort Canning Park

We trekked up and down Fort Canning Park (prompting the corporate comms officer from NParks with us to ask if all our shoots were this tiring) to get shots of the new gardens which opened in the middle of the year.

Guess the Childhood Snack

It is a dose of nostalgia and fun at the same time! How many can you guess?

Intertidal Walk at Sisters Island

It was a wonderful day out where we learnt about the biodiversity on our shores.

Visit our YouTube page for even more videos. If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to Little Day Out on YouTube to stay up to date with the latest videos.

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