10 Things to Take Note Of As We Exit The Circuit Breaker: What We Can Or Cannot Do

10 Things to Take Note Of As We Exit The Circuit Breaker: What We Can Or Cannot Do
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We may be reaching the light at the end of the tunnel soon. As Singapore enters phase one of the safe re-opening of some economic activities, and school reopens (Hooray!), there are still restrictions for our social activities. So what can or can’t we do as we exit circuit breaker?

Things to Note as We Exit Circuit Breaker

We Can…..

1. Visit Grandpa/Grandma in pairs

Time to pay Grandpa and Grandma a visit, but the caveat is go in pairs – two visitors from one household per day. While parents can drop their children off for caregiving purposes, do remember that the elderly are the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Hence, be cautious about visits. Mask up to protect them, and refrain from visiting if you exhibit any symptoms of illness.

2. Exercise as a household

Exercising as a household is permitted. However, do not linger on the walkways in groups. Stay away from the paths if you need to stop to refrain large gatherings. Continue to practise social distancing with other joggers, cyclists and passers-by.

3. Go to School!

Go to School! - things to do post-circuit breaker

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Classes in primary and secondary schools will resume on the 2nd of June. Hip hip hooray. However, students, except for the ones at graduating levels, will alternate between home based learning and classes in school. Preschools and child care centres will also reopen in phases with the kindergarten 1 and 2 children starting school on 2nd June.

4. Groom pets

If your furry companion is in need of a professional grooming session, the good news is you can bring them to the pet groomers! No more dishevelled looking pet, come June.

5. Buy Stationery and Art Supplies from School Bookshops

It has been difficult to shop for stationery and art supplies. Since schools are reopening, your child can purchase stationery and art supplies from school bookshops. Time to stock up on art paper and learning resources!

6. Visit the dentist or one-to-one Healthcare Appointments

Is your yearly scaling or dental visit due? You can visit the dentist for your routine check-ups. Also preventive health services and one-to-one healthcare appointments are allowed.

We Cannot…..

7. Play ball games, fly a kite or play frisbee at the park

Exercise in the Park - things to know as we exit circuit breaker

You can cycle, scoot, jog or walk. But group activities such as soccer, frisbee, hide and seek will not be allowed for the time being. As such activities may attract groups of people to play together or onlookers, it defeats the purpose of social distancing.

8. Swim

Swimming pools – whether public or in estates will still be closed. We can’t wait to take a plunge in the cooling waters especially during the heat! But for now, that will need to wait. Unless you want to get an inflatable pool?

9. Visit the library

Libraries will still be closed during the safe reopening phase post-circuit breaker. If you are still holding on to library books, fret not about returning them. You will be given three weeks to return the resources when the libraries reopen. Also, if you wish to borrow more resources from our Public Libraries, head online via Overdrive or Libby to get e-books or audiobooks!

10. Get a massage, mani pedi and facial


We know you’re aching for a good massage, or even missing a manicure, pedicure and would love a facial. Unfortunately, those will need to wait. How about a DIY facial or foot scrub at home? Or indulge in a real spa experience? For now, you might want to join a virtual workout to ease the tension in your back and shoulders!

Wherever You Go – Wear a Mask or/and Face Shield!

Do remember to wear a mask or face shield wherever you go. When you are on public commute, refrain from talking to others and try to keep a safe distance from fellow commuters. Remember the rules of social distancing can protect you, your family and others. Stay safe!

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