Alkaff Crescent Playgrounds: Water, Wetlands, Mountains & Clouds At Alkaff LakeView

Alkaff Crescent Playgrounds: Water, Wetlands, Mountains & Clouds At Alkaff LakeView
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The Alkaff Crescent playgrounds, located within the new Alkaff LakeView estate at Bidadari, consist of not just one but four play spaces for different ages. These can be found across various levels of the new estate and are centred around themes of nature.

The Alkaff Crescent playgrounds are spread over three levels – the ground floor, level three and level four. They have been inspired by different elements of nature such as water, wetlands, mountains and clouds.

Alkaff Crescent Playgrounds at Alkaff LakeView

Water and Waves

Alkaff Crescent Playgrounds at Alkaff LakeView

The ground level playground at Alkaff Crescent reflects on the theme of water and waves. A set of undulating plastic tarps provide a series of “waves” for kids to climb up and over.

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At both ends of the playground are slides which kids can use to slide back down to the ground.

Slides at the Wave Playground - Alkaff Crescent playground

One of the slides is part of a giant wave-like shelter.

Underneath the waves

Hammock seats are slung underneath the big blue structure. This Alkaff Crescent playground is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old.

Do take note that it is not a wet playground, just a playground which has been inspired by water.


On Level 3 is a fenced-off playground which is more suited to younger children.

Pink petals - Level 3 Playground at Alkaff LakeView

At first glance, a series of large pink panels catch the eye. They may look like the spikes on the back of a stegosaurus but, on closer inspection, they are the petals of a blooming water lily.

Wetlands Playground

This Alkaff Crescent Playground is inspired by wetlands. Green “stems” around the playground hold various low obstacles for younger kids to challenge themselves.

Low slide

In one corner of the wetlands playground, there is a low slide.

Merry go round

Other features include a bouncy trampoline and “sitting” merry-go-round which is embedded into the ground. Whee!



Up at the roof top garden is a mountain-inspired playground.

Climb the hill

There are ropes to assist young mountaineers in scaling the low hill. A slide on the other side allows for a quick descent.


In additional to a round trampoline and sitting merry-go-round, there is a little mound with tunnels burrowing through it. This is a good spot for children to play hide-and-seek. Adults may find it a bit squeezy trying to get into the burrows!


After scaling the mountains, what’s next? Reach for the clouds, of course.

Cloud Playground

Just next to the mountain-themed playground is an imaginative take on clouds in playground form.

Swing at Alkaff Crescent

A single swing lets kids imagine they are suspended in the air as they kick their heels up to the sky.


A cloud-like sculpture mirrors the real fluffy clouds in the sky above.

Roof top garden at Alkaff Crescent

After having fun at the Alkaff Crescent playgrounds, remember to take a walk around the rooftop garden to enjoy the greenery and its narrow paths.


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