Visiting Perth, Australia: Kangaroo Dreams

Visiting Perth, Australia: Kangaroo Dreams
Image: Esther Bau
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“I’m so excited!” I told my mother as we touched down at the airport. We had reached the Perth airport and we were heading to our hotel. When we had reached our hotel room, we unpacked our bags quickly and went down to get our rented car.

Meeting the Native Wildlife

My father then drove us to our first stop – Caversham Wildlife Park.

We saw several kangaroos feeding on some grass. We were told by a park ranger that the wildlife park sold some kangaroo feed that we could buy and feed these kangaroos.

My parents bought the food for me to feed the kangaroos and we took some pictures with them.

The kangaroos were very gentle and even looked at the camera when we took photographs of them.

Next we went to the koala and wombat enclosure. We could not feed them but got to take some photographs of them as well.

Fun in Perth
Image: Esther Bau

The time flew when we were at the zoo having fun. Not long after, dusk arrived and we were soon on the road that led back to our hotel.

Memories of Perth

Perth Holiday
Image: Esther Bau

Over the next few days, we had loads of fun and I learnt how to take really good photographs.

Kangaroo Soft Toy
Image: Esther Bau

I really enjoyed the fish and chips there and even bought a kangaroo soft toy.

On the last day I had mixed feelings. I felt excited to go home yet sad to leave Perth, which is really why I wrote this.