INCREDIBLES 2 Movie Review

INCREDIBLES 2 Movie Review
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“Incredibles 2” is a very funny and scary movie! For most people, including myself, the “The Incredibles” was a good Pixar movie. So, we would obviously end up watching “Incredibles 2”.  

The movie felt so real that I felt that I was an animated character. The movie started off with a quick recap of what happened at the end of the previous movie, and this  helped to refresh my memory. I felt that the movie was pretty smooth. Through out the movie, climax would build up and cliffhangers would come. 

At one point, I screamed in the cinema. Though right after that, something really funny happened that I ended up giggling so much that I rolled of my seat. 

The movie had a mixture of all emotions and showed different things that occur in abnormal people’s lives. 

I would recommend this movie to fans like me and people who like cliffhangers with a mixture of emotions. I can’t wait for “Incredible 3” !!!


This is a My Little Day Out Story written by Vedika Lakhotiya, 10.

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