Family Day at Coo: A Holiday Adventure

Family Day at Coo: A Holiday Adventure
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Finally it was the school holidays! On Tuesday, 1:45pm, my parents and my brother accompanied me to Coo Boutique Hostel.

Settling In

When I entered Coo, I felt very nervous as I did not know anyone there. It was also raining when I arrived. I wondered to myself whether we would still have the amazing race in Tiong Bahru that afternoon.

Next, we went to have a look at our accommodations. I was surprised when I got to my room. There were around 6 beds in a room. Due to space constraints, a few boys and I moved to another room.

An Amazing Day of Activities

My friends in the new room were Gabriel, Ryan and Royce. Around 2:30pm, we started the amazing race and we were split into four different groups.

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Amazing race around Tiong BahruThe game was really fun. We had to go to different venues in Tiong Bahru based on the map and clues given. The task given there so that we could get a clue to where we were going next.

After the amazing race, we returned back to Coo where our group and another remained downstairs for the first science experiment. We learnt about heat energy. It was very interesting as I had not studied that topic in school. The facilitator allowed us to choose the type of egg we would boiled. There were the 6 minute to 8 minute, 8 minute to 10 minute and 10 minute to 12 minute cooked eggs. I told him I wanted the 6 minute to 8 minute egg and it was delicious.

After that, we had the “Cabbage juice” experiment. It was about acidic and alkaline food. After we made our “cabbage juice”, that was quite disgusting, we went for dinner. Dinner was a surprise to me. It was my favourite egg with brown rice and chicken meat. I also drank tropical fruit juice and ate lime and vanilla ice cream for dessert. It was a very delicious meal.

After dinner, we watched “The Greatest Showman” movie. I did not like it as it was very boring. Instead, Ryan, my roommate allowed me to play “Pixel Gun” on his phone. After we finished off the final level of the game, we went up to shower, changed into our pyjamas and brushed our teeth. Then we played on Ryan’s phone again but this time we played “Battle Royale”. Finally, we all went to sleep at 11pm! “What a tiring day”, I thought.

The Adventure Continues

On Wednesday, which was the final day of the staycation, we went downstairs for breakfast at 8 a.m. To my dismay, almost all the food was gone so I only drank tropical fruit juice.

Jayden Lee with his paintingAfter breakfast, Oliver, Wei Yan and I went for a painting session at Heartroom Gallery. Mr. Yee accompanied us there. Luckily, there were only three of us attending the painting session so the art teacher could assist us easily and quickly. After that wonderful session, Mr. Yee took us to a nearby food court for lunch.

An Enjoyable Holiday Experience

During this staycation, I learnt how to co-operate with others. I also learnt how to give and take. I made many new friends. I had tons of fun at Coo and it was certainly the best activity I had during the June holidays! The best part was the painting session as I drew and painted a lovely scenery of the sky and sea. I wish we could have this again in the near future.

This is a My Little Day Out Story written by Jayden Zhi Jian Lee, 9.

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