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The Music Scientist - Science
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The Music Scientist’s curriculum is curated and designed to engage children of each age group to maximize their abilities in their developmental milestones.

By incorporating Music and Movement in the lessons, dry and abstract Science concepts are introduced in a fun and engaging way, made easy to understand and remember.

The medley of activities complement both subjects so that the children’s mastery of Music and Science are developed and strengthened. Check out their video below.

But Why Learn Science and Music at an Early Age?

  • Science and Music learning must begin early when the children’s development is at its most fertile stage. It invokes the children’s abilities and nurture them holistically.
  • Early exposure to Music boosts the children’s cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Early childhood memories and experiences are strongly retained and retrievable at a later time.
  • Nurture the children’s curiosity and love for Science from young.
  • Give the children a head start and prepare them for the rigorous Science Syllabus in the Primary School.

Move it, Love it & Learn it with The Music Scientist!

Join the Weekly Classes held at @ Bugis 112 Middle Road, Midland House, #07-03,
Singapore 188970.

Science, Music & Movement Weekly Classes for:
1) Music Scientist Tenderfeet (2 to 18 mths old)
2) Music Scientist Groovers (2 to 4 yrs old)
3) Music Scientist Scouts (5 to 6 yrs old)
4) Music Scientist Virtuosos (7 to 8 yrs old)

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Check out for more information and sign up at


Ms. Lyne Chia, Parent of P1 Student
“Workshops are both entertaining and educational for the young minds. They get to learn some science facts while having fun at the same time. Had originally only planned to sign my boy up for workshop 1, ended up, we came back for another workshop as my boy enjoyed the first one very much!”

Ms. Joann Keong, Parent of K2 Student
“The Music Scientist has a wonderful way of teaching. Through music, song, dance and activities our son had so much fun learning about the human anatomy. He also managed to retain the science concepts better. We are eagerly looking forward to what Music Scientist has to offer next.”

Learning Science and Music has never been easier and fun. Spark the kids’ interest and give them a headstart in both Music and Science.

Visit the for more details.

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The Music ScientistThe Music Scientist

Address: 112 Middle Road, Midland House, #07-03, Singapore 188970
Phone: 6909 6350

Useful Information

The Music Scientist – Science, Music & Movement Enrichment

Address: 112 Middle Road
Midland House #07-03
Singapore 188970
Phone: 6909 6350

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