S.E.A. Aquarium Ocean Fest: Noisy Ocean

S.E.A. Aquarium Ocean Fest: Noisy Ocean
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Come celebrate the S.E.A. Aquarium’s Ocean Fest: The Noisy Ocean! Learn all about the good and bad sounds of the ocean with interactive installations. Play at our audio-visual experiences, enjoy live shows and discover fascinating facts about the impact of noise on marine animals and the sea.

Learn all about the good and bad sounds of the ocean through our interactive programmes! There are also games and live-shows that you would not want to miss out!

Sound Stations:
Discover the unique and fascinating sounds of the ocean as you play and learn at various unique activity stations.

Sounds Reactive TV:
Make some noise and check out the positive effects it can have on marine life and its growth!

Healthy Reef Installation:
Come recreate the sounds of fish with custom-made instruments and understand how a noisy reef is a healthy reef!

Sound Box Blasting:
Come into this box and get a 3-D experience of how fish feel when underwater blasting and drilling take place. Not suitable for children.

Celebration of Sound:
An interactive, percussion-based live performance featuring song, puppetry and upcycled instruments. Watch as our performers create a live soundscape and learn a song to celebrate the 3 ‘R’s of conservation!


Event Information

S.E.A. Aquarium Ocean Fest: Noisy Ocean

Start date: 17/5/19 0:00
End date: 30/6/19 23:59

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