Review: Hairy Maclary and Friends

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Calling all young dog lovers! This play is barking loads of fun and laughter!

Based on the books by Lynley Dodd, the highly energetic Hairy Maclary and Friends literally leapt off the pages and brought us along into their world of adventures.

This fast-paced musical, with Ms Plum and Mr Stone narrating different tales of these playful dogs, is accompanied by loads of music, songs and rollicking fun. Your kids won’t fall asleep during this hour-long play for sure, as it is entirely engaging and interactive, with not a single dull moment.

From the start, the cast encouraged the children to clap, stand, stomp their feet, howl, stick out their tongues and pant along with them as they told them their favourite tales, sang and acted. There were even a few corny jokes that entertained the older kids and “grown up” children, as Ms Plum aptly described.

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Hairy Group


The characters of Hairy Maclary and Friends popped to life in beautifully designed costumes and those familiar with the characters would be able to immediately identify their favourite canine friend. Set with a few bright props on a small stage, they cleverly used them on their front, back and sides, transforming the various scenes quickly, and in step with their fast catchy songs. The stories came alive with beautiful singing coupled with live music by a pianist behind the curtains.

The highlight of the show for us, other than Hairy Maclary and his Friends, was the toughest tomcat in town, Scarface Claw. He was the most terrifying cat that had his fellow canine friends trembling and cowering in fear. The audience thundered with their hands and feet, howled, sounded off a siren like an ambulance and the crew even had the stage covered in darkness for a few seconds in the hope of scaring the cat but, of course, to no avail. In the end, what scared him was a reflection of himself in the mirror, which had us laughing in stitches at his wild, shocked antics.

My young companions (20 months, five years old and nine years old) were captivated throughout with their eyes glued to the stage, participating eagerly, even though none have read the books. The lively prancing dogs, rhyming songs, interactive stories and their mischievous antics earned a thumbs up from all of us.

I highly recommend it and suggest that you prance your way to Donaldson’s Dairy soon. But, hurry and catch them soon before they pounce off on their next adventure!

Hairy Maclary and Friends Show
Now till 12 October 2014
Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building
Recommended for ages 2+
Presented by ABA Productions and Nonsense Room Productions (UK)

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