Learn How To Bake This Super Cute Hello Kitty Donut Tower!

Image: @Sanriosingapore x @Susanne.DecoChiffon
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Kawaii! Hello Kitty springs a special lemon pinata surprise! A collaboration between @Susanne.decochiffon and Sanrio Singapore, this adorable two-tier Pinata Donut Tower Chiffon Cake design is the first of the series of cakes that Sanrio Fans can learn to bake!

Cut this 3D Hello Kitty Cake for a surprise!

Hello Kitty Donut Tower
Image: @Sanriosingapore x @Susanne.DecoChiffon

This adorable cake is one way that casual bakers can level up their skills by adding this cake to the list of recipes. The Hello Kitty Donut Tower Pinata Cake is a lemon cased chiffon cake and it can be filled with one’s favourite sweets or fruits.

To ensure that you can indulge in this cake, even more, the adorable wavy doughnut patterns on the side of the cake will be made using chiffon cake batter! This means that there is no cream or fondant involved, thus keeping the cake as clean, healthy and simple as possible.

Join the Hello Kitty Donut Tower Online Baking Class

Image: @Sanriosingapore x @Susanne.DecoChiffon

As complicated as it sounds, this 3D round cake can be made without cream, fondant of special mods that need to be purchased! In fact, it uses a common household food item that can be recycled. Join the class to find out what it is!

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To join this class, fill in the form at the sign-up link here. The baking lesson on how to bake this Hello Kitty Donut Tower is available only available for 4 weeks but is now going at a special promotional price.

Each online class tutorial package comes with unlimited streaming to bake anytime and anywhere with family and children, and downloadable recipe with official character templates. Detailed instructions provided so that it is suitable for bakers who are just starting their baking journey as well.

If preferred, you can opt for the class that allows you to receive a full baking kit delivered to your doorstep. This set will arrive complete with specially designed Sanrio Baking kit, Hello Kitty character templates, postcard, and all ingredients (except eggs, oil and water).

More details can be found at decochiffoncake’s Facebook page here.

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