Go On A Japan-Themed Summer Holiday On Board Dream Cruises: Visit “Hokkaido” & “Tokyo” At Sea

Go On A Japan-Themed Summer Holiday On Board Dream Cruises: Visit
Image: Dream Cruise
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Go on a Japan-themed summer holiday on a cruise-to-nowhere and visit popular travel spots such as “Hokkaido”, “Tokyo” and more while onboard the Wonders of Japan Tour by Dream Cruises!

From 28 May to 31 August 2021, the ship will include themed areas such as lavender fields like those in Hokkaido and a replica of the torii gates in Kyoto. There will also be cultural experiences onboard.

Lavender field at sea at the Wonders of Japan Tour by Dream Cruises

Lavender field at sea
Image: Dream Cruises

The Wonders of Japan journey will begin with experiences and activities inspired by Hokkaido. In July, Hokkaido is renowned for its lavish fields of lavender and guests can experience a similar lavender field at sea with over 1,200 square feet of purple shrubs under the sun in the fresh sea breeze.

They can also indulge in special lavender spa treatments at the onboard spa or learn to make lavender sachets and crepe paper lavender bouquets to bring home a piece of Hokkaido.

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Visit Tokyo with anime workshops and Olympic-inspired activities

In the spirit of the Tokyo Olympics, guests will have the opportunity to put their athleticism to the test for a chance to win a “Dream Champion Gold Medal”. Dream Cruises will be hosting its first-ever Dream Championships on World Dream, where guests can test their strength, agility and stamina in a series of challenges ranging from S.A.F.E. ARCHERY, a ropes course, and a climbing wall, waterslides and more.

Anime enthusiasts will also be invited to embrace the spirit of Akihabara and dress up as their favorite characters and join the Cosplay Video Game Challenge to put their knowledge to the test. For those who wish to create their own manga Japanese comics, be sure to sign up for the onboard manga drawing class.

Enter the torii gates at sea on the Wonders of Japan Tour by Dream Cruises

Enter the Torii gates at sea
Image: Dream Cruises

See the famous vermilion Torii gates of Fushimi Inari-taisha re-created at sea for the first- time ever on World Dream. Explore the ancient cultural heart of Japan and learn more about the Japanese culture through live performances of the traditional parasol dance, yukata fashion shows, and even workshops such as learning to create your own geisha hair ornament. Food lovers will be in for a treat with a selection of Uji matcha treats to enjoy too!

Other exciting stops when on the Wonders of Japan Tour by Dream Cruises

Other exciting stops
Image: Dream Cruises

Guests can expect to enjoy curated cultural and culinary experiences from Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa islands. There will be workshops where guests can make arts and crafts from Okinawa such as origami, star-sand bottle-making and Bingata dye crafts. Guests can also indulge in Okinawa Wagyu beef and Kyushu delicacies.

The Little Dreamers Programme

The Little Dreamers Program
Image: Dream Cruises

Kids aged 2 to 12 who join this tour will be able to enjoy exclusive access to the Little Dreamers Programme. The Little Dreamers Programme offers a large range of activities for kids to enjoy and hone their creative skills. Complimentary activities feature the popular STEAM Education workshops “LEGO BOOST Robot Coding” and “Advance Maze Challenge”, music sessions and more.

For more information for the Wonders Of Japan cruise, visit the website here.

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