Ice Cream Places Kids Can’t Get Enough Of

Ice Cream Places
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Who can resist the temptation of ice cream? Thankfully, there are more places around Singapore that one can enjoy ice cream than ever before. With so much choice, you and the kids are never far away from the enjoyment of a cool ice cream in our tropical island. Here, we share some of our favourite ice cream places in Singapore!

Our Favourite Ice Cream Places in Singapore

The Daily Scoop

Tucked away in Sunset Way is a quaint little establishment where the tantalising ice cream is made by hand. The atmosphere is relaxed and patrons come from the surrounding neighbourhood in their shorts and slippers, as well as further afield, to get their ice cream fix. With 40 flavours to choose from, you can choose to go easy with kids’ favourites such as Kookie Monster, Strawberry Shortcake and Honey Vanilla. Those looking for something different can savour flavours such as Ginger Crumble, Garlicky Miss Caramel and Salted Mr Brown. The shop, which also has a branch at Chip Bee Gardens, also serves brownies and waffles to pair with the ice cream.

Island Creamery

Folks flock to Island Creamery ice cream with a local twist including flavours such as Teh Tarik, Pulot Hitam and Ice Kachang. They also offer up eclectic flavours like Pear Sake, Tiger Beer Sorbet and Dragon Fruit Sorbet which parents can enjoy. While you won’t find chocolate, vanilla or strawberry in the ice cream bins, kids will still be able to choose from flavours such as Milo and Cookies and Cream. Other than ice cream, Island Creamery entices patrons with frozen desserts such as Baked Alsaka and Mud Pie. With its welcoming atmosphere and pictures of happy times on the wall, Island Creamery is a place which invites you to stay and hang out.


Yes, you read it right. McDonald’s. Sometimes, the good things in life can be found under golden arches and there is no need for fancy, $4-a scoop ice cream. McDonald’s soft serve ice cream in a wafer cone provides a simple indulgence that all can enjoy. If you want to, treat yourself to a Hot Fudge Sundae, and ask for extra hot fudge. Watch the kids use their spoons to clean up every last morsel of hot fudge. Such easy, no-fuss treats keep people lovin’ it.

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Ice Cream Sidecar Vendors

Found along Orchard Road, down by Singapore River and trawling HDB estates, it is nice and nostalgic to see ice cream sidecar vendors plying their trade. With the ringing of the bell, people know that the ice cream man is here. Tried and true favourites rule the ice cream box with ageless flavours like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Other classics include chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip. You have a choice of having the ice cream sandwiched between two wafers or pieces of pastel-coloured bread. It is fun to queue by the roadside and wait for your turn to order an ice cream sandwich. Kids will also enjoy trying to devour their ice cream before it melts away in the sun.


Don’t overlook Swensen’s just because it has been around in Singapore since 1979. When you want to take the kids for an ice cream sundae, Swensen’s is the place to go. Just like the old days, they still serve up sundaes in tall, cold glasses, smothered with syrup and topped off with a cloud of whipped cream and a cherry on top. All time favourites for chocoholics include the Frosted Chocolate Malt, Sticky Chewy Chocolate and Cookie Summit. Of course, who can forget their Earthquake sundae. Now, that’s something the whole family can pitch in to demolish together.

Lick Little Ice Cream Kafé

Decorated with pink wallpaper, Lick offers ice cream lovers flavours such as Belgian Chocolate, Peanut Buttercup and Honeydew. On a more local note, you can find Kaya Toast, Gula Meleka and Cempedak ice cream as well. While most other ice cream parlours offer toppings, Lick also offers mix-ins. Kids will enjoy selecting from jars of chocolates, cookies and sweets, and watching their ingredients being folded into the ice cream, resulting in their very own personal creations.

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