Happy Train Whole Brain Activation

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The Happy Train programme is a holistic brain-training programme conducted in a bilingual environment.


Neuroscience discoveries in the recent years have brought attention to the importance to nurturing babies as young as newborns. Research has shown that the brain needs a wide spectrum of experiences to be able to develop, change and respond to the demands of the
environment. Taking advantage of the plasticity of young children’s brain, we provide them with rich experiences in class that facilitate the steady growth of their brains.

At Happy Train, we understand how early brain stimulation can set the stage for children’s ability to learn and interact throughout life thus our holistic brain development programme is carefully created for children aged 3 months to 6 years old. We strongly believe that parents should not miss the “windows of opportunity” in every child, and should make use of this opportunity to create a strong passion for learning.

We provide experiential learning in English and Mandarin, to help children develop rich neuron connections that are critical for optimal brain growth.

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Benefits of the Happy Train Programme
* Activate the right brain
* Improve concentration and attention span
* Build strong linguistic foundation
* Enhance creativity
* Gain perfect pitch
* Develop photographic memory
* Improve spatial intelligence
* Learn strong visualisation skills
* Sharpen observation skills
* Fine tune auditory processing ability
* Acquire high-speed information processing ability
* Genius problem-solving skills (IQ)
* Improve socio-emotional skills (EQ)
* Learn high-speed calculation ability

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Address: 87 Beach Road, Chye Sing Building #06-02, Singapore 189695
Call: 6336 5080
Email: enquiry@happytrain.com.sg
Visit: www.happytrain.com.sg

Our rates are $650 per term for Thursday and Friday classes; $750 per term for Saturday and Sunday classes. Please visit our website for more information, call us at 6336 5080 or email us if you have any questions.

Useful Information

Happy Train Whole Brain Activation

Address: 87 Beach Road
Chye Sing Building #06-02
Singapore 189695
Phone: 6336 5080
Email: enquiry@happytrain.com.sg
Website: https://www.happytrain.com.sg/

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