Essential Tips for a Successful Day Out

Tips for Fun Outings - Girls at a Park
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It could be an impromptu outing or something you’ve planned way in advance. Whatever it maybe, follow these essential tips for fun outings and have an enjoyable day out.

Tips for Fun Outings

Tips for Fun Outings

1. Hydration

Whether heading indoors or outdoors, make sure your kids have a water bottle handy. You never know when kids are going to get thirsty and you don’t want a bunch of whiny kids trailing you around as you search for the nearest over-priced bottle of aqua vita.

Heed this advice especially if you are heading outdoors. A pediatrician friend once said that one of two warning signs to look out for in a child was dehydration. Watch out for dry lips and keep the kids watered to keep them going.

2. Think Two Steps Ahead

Anticipate what you need for your day out. Ask around and get tips from people on what to expect. If heading to a water play area, don’t just bring the kids swim gear but also remember the towel and clothes needed to dry them up afterwards. Other essentials that usually don’t hurt include packets of Milo, healthy snacks and a raincoat if headed outdoors.

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Think about questions the kids are likely to ask. Nowadays, a quick Google search can usually arm you with enough information to bring an outing to life with interesting trivia and factoids.

3. Safe as Safe Can Be

Kids, being kids, will always get into little scrapes. It is a healthy part of growing up. In my book, little bumps build character. Having said that, make sure that little bumps stay little.

Think about safety in your activities. It can be as simple as making sure the kids walk on the inside of the curb and away from the traffic, or bringing along Band Aids for cuts and bruises. Encourage kids to try new things but also recognise when it is time to step in and draw the safety line.

Take care of your own safety too. After watching enough airline safety presentations, I’m sure you realise you can only tend to your child’s safety if you are safe yourself.

4. Bring Along a Big Bright Smile

Attitude is everything. If you are looking forward to a fun day out, your kids will look forward to one too. With a big bright smile, even being stuck under a shelter in the middle of a storm doesn’t seem so bad – you could be stuck in the open instead.

With kids, it is always helpful to bring out the positive in things. They will pick up on that. Take your foot off the pedal for a while and your kids will cherish the time spent with you for that.

So there you have it, the essential tips for fun outings. Enjoy your day out!


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