CaterCo Concepts: Master The Art Of Holiday Hosting

CaterCo Concepts: Master The Art Of Holiday Hosting
Image: CaterCo Concepts
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Are you looking to host a lavish party this festive season? CaterCo’s latest experiential catering options might just be what you need to impress your guests.

CaterCo is Neo Group’s latest catering concept that strives to create multi-faceted and innovative dining experiences that compel guests to rethink the concept of catering. With their strengths in F&B expertise, hospitality services and events management, it uses out-of-the-box catering ideas featuring exceptional menus, aesthetically pleasing setups, live stations and canape services that redefines the idea of event catering.

CaterCo Concepts Catering Packages

CaterCo Concepts Catering Packages

I had the opportunity to taste from four different catering packages from CaterCo. First off was the 2 live station offerings, starting with the croffle station. If you are wondering, croffles are a croissant-waffle hybrid pastry. The croffles are freshly made by chefs, with flavours such as Forest Noire, Truffle Egg Salad, or Pistachio and Strawberry or Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese to choose from.

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I had the Truffle Egg Salad and Pistachio and Strawberry, both of which tasted light and flavourful. I would have preferred them more if the croffles had a crispier texture.

65 Degrees Egg Station

The 65 Degrees Egg Station was a station that I was very eager to try. Using Japanese Hinata eggs, chefs serve up sous vide eggs paired with either Angus beef cheek or a deconstructed curry puff. I tried the deconstructed curry puff flavour and thoroughly enjoyed the curry chicken that was lathered with runny egg and turmeric potato foam, as the rich flavours of the egg and curry spices burst into my mouth. There were also crispy fritters added in the dish that gave the dish an added crunch.

Buffet Line

We were then introduced to the buffet line which offered a string of dishes including the Chicken Stroganoff Shepherd’s Pie, which was utterly delicious. The unique mix of sweet potato and potato gave its flavour a hint of sweetness, which balanced out the creaminess of the pie.

Diavolo Mussels

Another notable dish from the buffet line was the Diavolo Mussels, which served mussels drenched in marinara sauce. The mussels were well cooked, and I particularly liked the fact that the sauce did not overpower the flavour of the mussels, which were juicy.

Boutique Connoisseur

At the end, doors were opened to unveil a private room featuring the Boutique Connoisseur. It is a gloved concierge service that has 2 full glass showcases displaying a line-up of sweet and savoury canapes. The sweet canapes was the absolute star of the show. I particularly liked the Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffle, which completely filled my mouth with the flavour of rich and sweet chocolate topped with a hint of salt. I also enjoyed the Lavender Soy Pudding, which came with a unique dropper filled with syrup that when eaten together, had very pleasant floral notes added to its flavour.

Savoury canapes

The savoury canapes were delicious as well, but were outshined by the other dishes as it did not have as strong flavours. Notable items from the menu were the Oriental Mushroom Brioche Dome, which tasted like having the cream of mushroom served in a pastry. The Home-made Duck Rillettes Tartlets with Raisins was another favourite, which provided a surprisingly rich flavour for a small looking snack.

Ondeh Way

To accompany my meal, I tried a glass of Ondeh Way from the mocktail station, which tasted a lot like a deconstructed Ondeh Ondeh, but with a rather strong coconut taste. I also tried the Apple Pie Spiced Infused Water, which I enjoyed as it had a light and refreshing taste.

Celebrate Christmas with CaterCo

Specially for the Christmas season, CaterCo also offers seasonal Christmas menus perfect for any joyous gathering. The aforementioned stations mentioned in the review are available through CaterCo’s service enquiry on their website while buffet orders may be directly placed on their website.

To find out more about the menu and their prices, you may check out the link here.

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