Blokus: Strategy Game That Kids And Families Can Enjoy Together

Blokus: Strategy Game That Kids And Families Can Enjoy Together
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Blokus. Who knew that a game so simple could involve also involve strategy and be so much fun. This tabletop game was released in 2000 and has very much become a classic game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Playing Blokus

Blokus involves players placing coloured game tiles on a square playing board. Four people can play at any time. Starting from separate corners on the game board, each person takes turns to place down a tile in their assigned colour.

Each person starts with 21 tiles. These come in a variety of shapes and configurations.

Playing BlokusThe only rule is that each new tile that a player places down must be connected to one of his or her existing coloured tiles at the corner. A player’s tiles cannot line up edgewise with each other.

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The objective of the game is use up all the tiles. The person with the greatest number of blocks on the board at the end of the game wins!

Sound simple enough?

Simple Strategy Elements in Blokus

While it is easy to play, there are also elements of strategy and thinking required in the game of Blokus.

For example, you have to decide which tiles to place down first and which areas to expand to in order to be able to use up all your tiles.

Simple Strategy Elements in Blokus ReviewAnd, as the name implies, you can strategise about who to “block”. By choosing the direction to expand your tiles, you can prevent other players from laying down their tiles.

It is not too complicated, which makes it both simple enough for children to get involved in the strategic aspects of the game and fun for the entire family.

Game Time That Isn’t Too Long

Blokus Game ReviewSometimes people avoid board games because the game play can be very long.

That’s not the case with Blokus.

It is a fast, turn-based game. The box says that playing time is 30 minutes but we’ve found that it usually takes us around 15 to 20 minutes. This makes it good for those with children who can’t sit still for too long.

Blokus Review

Blokus is a fun game to have at home. It is easy to learn, easy to setup, easy to play and has a hint of strategy. It is good for family time together.

A two-person version of Blokus is also available.

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