Baby Swans Have Arrived At Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Congratulations are in order for the black swans at Singapore Botanic Gardens. With the hatching of three eggs into baby swans, or cygnets, there is now a new swan family at the Gardens.

Born to Singapore Botanic Gardens’ black swans, the cygnets are less than a week old and already growing in size. They have already taken to the water and can be spotted swimming about with their parents.

Baby Swans – Not Ugly Ducklings

Also, known as swanlings, the baby swans are covered with thick grey down.

Baby Swans or Cygnets at Singapore Botanic Gardens – Not Ugly DucklingsLooking at them brings to mind the story of The Ugly Duckling. Next to cute, fluffy, yellow ducklings, the baby swans would look over-sized and dull. It is no wonder that they would seem out of place in a brood of ducklings. However, they will grow up to be the majestic black swans with the elegant s-shaped neck and distinct red bills.

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Black swans are indigenous to southeast and southwest Australia. The large birds have mostly black plumage and the distinct red bills. They are also monogamous breeders. Both parents share incubation and cygnet rearing duties.

The Black Swan Family

As with all new parents, the swan parents are protective of their younglings.

Therefore, if you do come across the new family, be sure to give them space and observe them from a respectful distance.

Black SwansDon’t approach them too closely as this may stress out the birds or even make them feel threatened. And any parent would be able to relate to how protective they can be over their young ones.

Even within the Gardens, there are predators such as water monitor lizards and even small mammals like squirrels that prey on eggs.

So, if you do come across the black swan family at Singapore Botanic Gardens, remember to admire them from a respectful distance. Please don’t feed the birds either as they are fed a special diet.

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