Young Scientist Online Badge Scheme: Learn Science While Staying In

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Staying in can yield a fruitful time. Science Centre Singapore recently introduced an online badge scheme for the Young Scientist programme. Remember those fond memories of collecting badges with thick cards that required your teachers’ signature. Your child can complete them too, in the comforts of your home.

What is the Young Scientist badge scheme?

The scheme was first introduced in 1982 and, altogether, there are 16 badges to collect. I still have mine for keepsake and they have become toys for my children. Basically, upon completion of a list of science activities, you can be awarded the badge.

From young zoologist, young astronomer to young environmentalist to young geneticist, you can make use of Science Centre Singapore’s resources to aid in your child’s quest to get the badges.

The Young Scientist badge scheme’s objectives are to stimulate interest in science activities, enable students to carry out self-directed activities in various disciplines of science as well as provide opportunities to develop initiative and creativity.

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The scheme is organised by Science Centre Singapore, Science Teachers Association of Singapore, Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science and Singapore National Academy of Science, supported by Ministry of Education.

How the Young Scientist Online Badge Scheme works

How the Young Scientist Online Badge Scheme worksIt is probably way more convenient to earn the badges using the online platform than badge-r the teachers for their signatures. Simply explore and choose which discipline you want to focus on then complete the range of challenges. Upon completion of the activities, upload the pictures and videos.

Then the uploaded work will be graded by mentors from the Science Centre. Then get notified via email when grading is complete, receive feedback on how to improve and whether more challenges need to be completed. Complete 15 stars worth of activities to earn a digital badge, real badge and certificate!

Subscription Fees for Individuals and Groups

The subscription fees vary according to number of badges as well as individual or group subscription. For one badge, simply pay $6 per child. For the full platform, it’s $35 per child if it’s an individual subscription. Schools and groups pay slightly less.

Young Scientist Badges Your Child Might Love

Young Scientist Badges Your Child Might LoveBadges that piqued our interest are those that have been introduced past our era! There are “IT Whiz”, “Water Ambassador”, “Food Scientist” “Geneticist” “Energy Saver” and “Ornithologist” badges amongst others.

For instance, the “Food Scientist” activities to complete include finding out how tofu is made, baking a cake and finding out what the rising agent is as well as describing what happens during fermentation.

For the “Energy Saver” badge, students can practise energy-saving habits at home plus monitor the household utility bills for two months, note the energy-saving activities and if there is a difference in monthly utility bills.

How Parents Can Support Their Children in Attaining the Young Scientist Badges

For the online badge scheme, it is important that parents are fully present when the children are doing research online or submitting pictures and videos. They would need access to additional devices when taking pictures and videos, this would mean some monitoring involved. Internet usage should also be monitored in case malicious sites pop up.

Parents can also conduct the experiments together with their children by helping to gather the materials and helping with observations, or even assisting in more challenging tasks like the ones involving appliances.

Much of the information can also be found at Science Centre Singapore. Parents can bring their children for outings to find out information required. For instance, the “Energy Saver” badge has the option of visiting the “Climate Change” exhibition to find out more about the different energy consumption of bulbs.

Get Your Young Scientist Badges Online!

Get Your Young Scientist Badges Online!Take advantage of school holidays when there is much more time for experimentation, excursions and learning. If the preference is to stay home, the online badge scheme works out perfectly. Find out more here.

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