We Tried Three: Impossible Foods In Singapore – Burger, Satay & Rogan Josh

We Tried Three: Impossible Foods In Singapore – Burger
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“Plant-based” meat might sound like a strange oxymoron but ever since the introduction of the Impossible Burger in Singapore, local meat lovers have been pleasantly surprised by how a plant-based patty, when done well, is a revolutionary replica of a beef patty.

However, Impossible Meat is not just for those on plant-based diets. Instead, it’s something which is intended to be enjoyed by meat lovers with the hope of introducing them to a more sustainable alternative to ground meat. We appreciate how Impossible meat, although made from plants, similar nutritional value, flavour and aroma as beef. With a sprinkle of creativity, many local eateries have been incorporating the plant-based meat into their menus. We decided to try three Impossible Foods in Singapore in its various forms.

Impossible Foods in Singapore

Impossible Burger from The Goodburger

We’ve all probably heard of the Impossible Burger, but did you know that not all impossible burgers are the same?

Impossible Burger from The GoodburgerThe Goodburger is a food truck and the first and only place in Singapore that serves an exclusively “impossible” menu. Each of the patties uses 100% impossible “meat” with no fillers.

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They currently have four Impossible burgers on the menu. The one we liked the best was The Classic.

Classic burger - Impossible Burger in SingaporeThe Classic burger is an American-inspired cheeseburger served with a side of fries. The Goodburger’s Impossible patty was well seasoned and juicy. The sautéed onions on top of the cheese made it a very savoury and delicious burger. I usually pick out my pickles in burgers, but the house-made pickles here are worth keeping in for an added punch of flavour.

If you want to try something besides The Classic, we suggest the ‘The Happy Days Impossible burger’. This comes with sweet, smoky BBQ sauce and onion rings. Delish!

Although The Goodburger might not be the first to bring the Impossible Burger to Singapore, they’ve found a great way of presenting this plant-based patty in a portion of well-loved comfort food in its authentic form. If it’s your first time trying the Impossible, we highly recommend starting here so that you can fully appreciate this Impossible patty for what it is all while supporting good folks with a great mission.

Visit its website to find out where The Goodburger Food Truck is at currently.

Impossible Satay from Violet Oon

Violet OonViolet Oon is a familiar name to diners who enjoy authentic and delicious Nyonya food. Its signature dishes include dry laksa and what we believe is the best kueh beng kah in Singapore. An exclusive addition to its ION and Clarke Quay outlets menus is the Impossible Satay.

Impossible Satay from Violet OonViolet Oon’s Impossible Satay is a substantial portion of beautifully presented skewers of grilled Impossible meat marinated in spices. It is served with a bowl of spicy peanut sauce, steamed rice cakes, fresh cucumbers and raw red onions.

The satay texture reminded us of another signature Nyonya dish, ngoh hiang. One thing that we appreciated about the Impossible Satay was that we didn’t have the problem of having to deal with unwanted fatty chunks that made it hard to chew. Instead, it was delightful, flavourful bites.

For more details, visit the Violet Oon website.

Impossible Rogan Josh from Srisun Express

With outlets almost all over Singapore, Srisun Express not only has a large variety of items on their main menu at affordable price points but has a large variety of dishes on their Impossible menu as well. These include classic Indian dishes like murtabak to roti john and their own take on tacos. Of these, we enjoyed the Impossible Rogan Josh the most.

Impossible Rogan Josh from Srisun Express - Impossible Foods in SingaporeThe name of this dish has Persian roots with the word “Rogan” meaning “oil” and “josh” meaning fiery hot. The curry dish is usually made with mutton, but for those who prefer to do without the gamey taste of mutton, Srisun Express’ Impossible version of Rogan Josh is a wonderful alternative.

We enjoyed how the generous portion of Impossible meat chunks soaked up the flavours of the tasty curry. In fact, we could barely differentiate the texture of Impossible meat to regular meat for this dish.

The Impossible Rogan Josh is best paired with a naan of your choice or even a bowl of fluffy basmati rice.

For more details, visit the Srisun Express website.

Impossible is Possible

We applaud the creativity of the eateries for putting their own Impossible spin on their signature dishes. The dishes from Violet Oon and Srisun Express opened up our minds to the possibilities of Impossible meat cooked beyond simply burgers and we wouldn’t hesitate to order any of them if we came across them on the menu (although we must say that we really enjoyed The Good Burger’s Impossible Burger!). They go to show that plenty is possible with Impossible!

Plant-based eating may not be entirely mainstream but it is becoming more accepted. Trend or not, this alternative has far-reaching impacts. It’s a great way to treat our earth better, one meal at a time.

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