Visiting Hay Dairies Goat Farm: Hay There, Goat-Looking!

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These are exciting times in my toddler’s life – when she now runs, jumps, sings, talks, and basically understands heaps. It’s so much fun doing things with her, and going places, so when the chance to visit Hay Dairies Goat Farm popped up, I couldn’t say no.

But first, I had to figure out how I was going to get us to the farm!

On the Kranji Countryside Express to Hay Dairies Goat Farm

Car-less and not wanting to cab it all the way to Hay Dairies, I did a bit of research and found out about Kranji Countryside Express. So early on a Monday morning, my daughter and I made our way to Kranji MRT station to catch this special shuttle service.

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Unfortunately, the lack of signage for the Kranji Countryside Express at Kranji MRT station threw me off a little. Also, I didn’t have exact change for our bus tickets. But these are stories for another time. 

Goat Is Good For You

At Hay Dairies

When we got to Hay Dairies, it was buzzing with preschoolers! I can imagine the farm hosts educational tours every other day of the week, so maybe call to find out if there’ll be a big group there when you’re thinking of visiting.

In any case, the best time to visit is in the morning as the goats are milked only once a day until 10.30am. Arriving any time before 10.30am would give the little ones a chance to watch the goats being milked, and to learn basic facts about these curious animals.

Goats at Hay Dairies

I really did learn so much in that short time the goats were being milked! For one, goat’s milk is alkaline which is why human bodies take to it better, and can break it down far more easily. A cup of goat’s milk is digested within an hour, while cow’s milk takes up to 4 hours to digest.

The farm also shared that they are not allowed to slaughter their goats on-site, as regulated by AVA, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore. However, goats are sold to local mosques just before Hari Raya Haji to be sacrificed. 

No Kid-ding

Goat feeding at Hay Dairies

Following the milking, we were led to the back of the farm where the goats’ barns are. Things get real here when the children start feeding the goats!

If you’re doing a Free-and-Easy visit, please buy a packet of Alfalfa Hay at $5 from Hay Dairies. The hay smells lovely and is the main thing the goats are fed.

Also, should there be a tour group present, make your way to the other end of the barns! Everyone gets super excited when they first lay eyes on the goats, the ones at the start get fed the most. There are goats way back waiting – and hoping – to be fed too!

Feeding goats at Hay Dairies

My daughter was thrilled but shrieked every time the goats ate the hay out of her hands. The goats are so cute, for lack of a better word. And gentle at that. I didn’t once get nipped, although a few of the goats nibbled on my shorts for good measure.

Once we were done petting and feeding the goats, we returned to the goats’ milking area where we had a quick snack. There’s pasteurised Hay Dairies goat’s milk available for purchase, alongside soft drinks, bottled water, and snacks too.

But if you think the children will need a good feed before you leave the farm, it might be worth packing a sandwich or two for them.

Goat-ing to Hay Dairies

Make a day of visiting Kranji CountrysideAdmission into Hay Dairies Goat Farm for a Free-and-Easy visit is free. However, groups of 10 or more will have to make a booking with the farm.

While you’re there, make a day of visiting the Kranji Countryside, and pop by the other farms in the vicinity via Kranji Countryside Express. The best thing about it is that it’s a hop-on/hop-off shuttle service – just remember to hold on to your tickets.

Hay Dairies Goat Farm

Hay Dairies Goat Farm is located at 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, and is closed every Tuesday (except public holidays). To learn more about the farm, go here.

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