Tokyo Sea Life Park: Tuna, Penguins And Other Marine Encounters By The Bay

Tokyo Sea Life Park: Tuna, Penguins And Other Marine Encounters By The Bay
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Tokyo Sea Life Park is an aquarium and marine life park located inside the Kasai Rinkai Park to the east of Central Tokyo, Japan. Just a short distance from the JR Keiyo line’s Kasai-Rinkai Park train station, it offers visitors a chance to view interesting exhibits by the waters of the Tokyo Bay.

Arriving at the Sea Life Park

Arriving at Tokyo Sea Life ParkUpon entering the gates to the Tokyo Sea Life Park compound, it is a short walk to the attraction’s ticketing counters.

Tokyo Sea Life Park Dome EntranceA little further on, you arrive at the aquarium’s iconic glass dome entrance. Inside the glass dome, take an escalator downwards to where the exhibits are located.

A Window to the Seas

Viewing the sharks at Tokyo Sea Life Park, JapanThe Tokyo Sea Life Park places an emphasis on recreating the natural aquatic environments of its marine life.

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Seas of the World, Tokyo Sea Life ParkThe Seas of the World section feature fish found in regions as diverse as tropical coral reefs to polar seas.

Entrance to Tokyo Sea Life ParkAquarium in Tokyo, JapanPeer into a series of tanks, organised around different regions, at this first section of the Tokyo Sea Life Park.

From the Seas of the World section, move on to one of the most impressive tanks of Tokyo Sea Life Park – Voyagers of the Sea. This circular, donut-shaped tank replicates the open ocean environment.

Voyagers of the Sea exhibit, Tokyo Sea Life ParkAt Voyagers of the Sea’s Aqua Theatre, you can view a school of blue-fin tuna.

Tokyo Sea Life Park Tuna ExhibitIt is pretty amazing to be able to view these magnificent fish up close. Occasionally, you may be able to spot one of the tuna accelerate across the tank, showing off its ability to swim with a burst of speed if necessary.

See the Shores

The Shoreline, Tokyo Sea Life ParkStep outdoors and pay a visit to The Shoreline. Here, Tokyo Sea Life Park has recreated the environment of a rocky shore in the Kanto District. What is remarkable is that even the waves and tides have been recreated.

Fish living at The ShorelineTry to spot the fish, sea stars and other creatures living at The Shoreline.

Tidal Pool AreaA tidal pool and a touch pool area offer a chance to have a close encounter with the creatures found along the coast.

Penguins at Tokyo Sea Life ParkAlso located outdoors are the penguins. Tokyo Sea Life Park has four species of penguins including Humboldts and Southern Rockhoppers. You can view them on land and as they swim through the water.

Tokyo Aquarium Life

The Sea of TokyoNext, move back indoors to The Sea of Tokyo section. The exhibits here are organised by regions such as the Izu Islands, the Sea of Kasai and Tokyo Bay. They showcase the 1,500 km stretch of ocean from Tokyo Bay to the Ogasawara Islands.

Catwalk at Tokyo Sea Life ParkAfter viewing the well-decorated tanks and their marine life, climb the stairs to the Catwalk above the tanks to get a different perspective.

Top-down view of the aquariumFrom the Catwalk, you can get a behind the scenes look at how the tanks have been set up and the multitude of equipment required to keep them clean and looking pretty.

Luminous AnimalsA small but must-see area is Luminous Animals. This room is dark but if you let your eyes adjust to the darkness, you will be able to appreciate the glowing bioluminescent creatures that inhabit this world.

Sea BirdsThe Sea Birds zone of Tokyo Sea Life Park is home to Common Murres and Tufted Puffins. These are birds that live in cold, frigid waters.

Watch a puffin swimThe display is built so that it is possible to watch as the birds swim gracefully through the water, from one end of the tank to the other.

Amenities at Tokyo Sea Life Park

Shop at Tokyo Sea Life ParkTokyo Sea Life Park also has a restaurant with views of Tokyo Bay and an aquarium shop where you can purchase a memento to bring home.

Outdoor gardensA last zone you will encounter as you leave the grounds of the aquarium are the verdant outdoor gardens. These recreate the settings of freshwater waterways such as streams and ponds found in the Kanto area.

Entrance to Tokyo Sea Life ParkTokyo Sea Life Park is nice aquarium to visit while in Tokyo, Japan. Its close proximity to the train station makes it relatively accessible and it offers a good variety of exhibits.

It is just one train stop away from the JR Maihama Station where Tokyo Disneyland Resort is located.

Where: 6 Chome-2-3 Rinkaicho, Edogawa, Tokyo 134-8587, Japan

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