Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukoro, Tokyo: Underwater Journey, Up In The Sky

Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukoro, Tokyo: Underwater Journey, Up In The Sky
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Sunshine Aquarium has one of the most unique locations for an aquarium – the rooftop of a shopping mall. Found at the top of the World Import Building at Sunshine City in Ikebukoro, Tokyo, Sunshine Aquarium is just an express elevator away from the shopping mall below.

Sunshine Aquarium, Tokyo, JapanUpon entering Sunshine Aquarium, plunged straight at the first indoor zone of the aquarium – Ocean Journey.

Marine Journey

Ocean Journey, Sunshine AquariumAt the first section of Sunshine Aquarium, you will find aquatic exhibits centred around coral reefs and the marine creatures that call it home.

Sunshine LagoonFurther in, the Sunshine Lagoon exhibit allows visitors a chance to view larger aquatic creatures too.

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There are other displays with marine animals such as sea jellies too.

Waterfront Journey

One floor above, the journey at Sunshine Aquarium continues.

Tropical ZoneExplore the life found in rivers, lakes and coastal regions from around the world. Visitors can view habitats ranging from the mangrove forests of Southeast Asia to the rivers of Africa.

Besides aquatic fish, this Sunshine Aquarium zone also has animals such as reptiles on display.

Lake Seals at Sunshine AquariumOne of the exhibits showcases Lake Seals. Unlike their sea-going cousins, the lake seals are freshwater seals and make their homes on inland bodies of water.

At the Marine Garden

Marine Garden, Sunshine AquariumOnce you are ready to leave the indoor zone, head back downstairs and step outdoors into the final zone at Sunshine Aquarium – the Marine Garden. High above the urban landscape of Tokyo, the Marine Garden is home to animals such as Penguins, Seals and Pelicans.

They can be viewed against the backdrop of Tokyo’s Ikebukoro’s skyscrapers.

Penguins at Sunshine AquaeriumThe penguins are kept in a glass enclosure that visitors can stand underneath and watch as the little birds “fly” through the water overhead.

Animal shows at Sunshine AquariumSunshine Aquarium also holds shows at the Marine Garden. These shows are a good way to view the animals. Take note that the show commentary is in Japanese. Check onsite for showtimes.

Cafe at Sunshine AquariumThere is a café located at the outdoor Marine Garden area too.

Visiting Sunshine Aquarium

Sunshine Aquarium is not a very large aquarium but it does occupy a unique spot in the middle of Tokyo. Here, visitors can view aquatic animals and is one of the many things to do at Sunshine City.

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