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These are home-cooked recipes.

Home-cooked Recipe: Steamed Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Steamed Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce

It’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s tasty, it’s healthy and it’s so easy to prepare. There’s everything to like when it comes to a dish...
Home-cooked Recipe: Spicy Chicken

Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Mildly Spicy Chicken

When life is a little bland, it’s time to spice things up with today’s Spicy Chicken recipe! Satisfy ourselves for a change and let...
Home-cooked Recipe: One-pot Chicken Stew with Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup

Simple Home-Cooked Recipe: One-pot Chicken Stew

The ease and convenience of an all-in-one meal with the right balance of vegetables, meat and the goodness of soup all lies within this...
Home-cooked Recipe: Pan-fried Egg Rounds

Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Easy Pan-fried Egg Rounds

Not quite a full-blown patty and not exactly an egg omelette. Pan-fried Egg Rounds are the best of both worlds in a small round...
Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Snow Fungus Dessert (Tong Sui)

Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Satisfying Snow Fungus Dessert (Tong Sui)

Any day is a good day for a sweet warm dessert. Whether you like to start or end off your day on a sweet...
Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Grilled Chicken Wings

Simple Home-Cooked Recipe: Grilled Chicken Wings

Every child I know loves chicken wings. And I’m sure most of us are young at heart too. Today’s Grilled Chicken Wings recipe is...
Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Chicken Rice

Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Chicken Rice

How about some home-cooked chicken rice? Have a go at this well-loved meal served at many hawker centres and restaurants in Singapore and you’ll...
Simple Home-cooked Recipe: ABC Soup

Simple Home-cooked Recipe: ABC Soup

It’s as easy as A-B-C and full of the goodness of Vitamins A, B and C. No, we’re not referring to the commonly-known ABC...
Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Prawns with Oyster Sauce

Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Prawns With Oyster Sauce

If you love prawns and have a sweet tooth (as most kids do), this simple yet finger-licking good recipe is for you. Prawns with...

Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Sliced Mackerel with Black Bean Sauce

Black beans – the magic ingredient that gives dishes a deep, flavourful, savoury taste features big in Sliced Mackerel with Black Bean Sauce, our...