Sweet Bubur Cha Cha (Nonya Coconut Milk Dessert) Recipe

Bubur Cha Cha (Nonya Coconut Milk Dessert) Recipe
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Sweet Potato Soup, also called Bubur Cha Cha (a Nonya coconut milk), is one of my favourite desserts as a child. I love the sweetness and varieties of texture in this one bowl of goodness. It is a very easy dish for a beginner to make.

Purple sweet potato is the main ingredient in this version of dessert I am sharing today. Purple sweet potato is jam packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. It provides a high amount of fibre that can help prevent constipation.

This Bubur Cha Cha recipe has a thicker texture in the soup. But if you like yours to be more watery, you may not want to mash the purple sweet potato like I did. Either way, you will enjoy this dessert that can be served warm or cold.

Recipe for Bubur Cha Cha

Servings: 8

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  • 80 grams of sago pearls
  • 500 grams of purple sweet potato
  • 600 ml of water
  • 300 ml of coconut cream
  • 3 to 5 pandan leaves
  • Rock sugar (to your preference)


To cook the sago:

  1. Bring a pot of water to boil, then add in the sago pearls and cook for 10 minutes under medium heat. Remove from heat and cover with the lid. Let it sit for 15 minutes and the sago should become transparent.
  2. Drain the sago and rinse it under cold water. This will ensure that the sago does not stick together. Set aside.

To cook the soup:

  1. Wash, peel and cut all the sweet potato into small pieces.
  2. Steam them for 10 minutes or until fully cooked (you should be able to easily poke through them with a knife/fork).
  3. For a thicker soup, mash half the steamed sweet potato with a fork to puree. Or skip this step.
  4. Bring a pot of 600 ml water to a boil, add in the rest of sweet potato and pandan leaves. Cook for 15 minutes or until softened in medium-high heat.
  5. Add in the mashed puree, coconut cream, cooked tapioca and rock sugar. Mix well and cook for another 3 minutes.
  6. Taste and adjust the sweetness to your preference. Add more coconut cream if you like.
  7. Take out all the pandan leaves. Enjoy the Bubur Cha Cha warm or cold.

Note: I used and diced up a small orange sweet potato in this recipe. Thus, you will see the colours of both types of sweet potatoes in the soup.

Bubur Cha Cha Dessert

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