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Bite-sized Pork Ribs

Sweet and Savoury Bite-sized Pork Ribs Recipe

Love ribs but don’t want the mess of using your fingers to lick up hard to reach morsels? Bite-sized Pork Ribs will let you...
Crustless Veggie Mushroom Cheese Quiche

Easy Crustless Veggie Mushroom Cheese Quiche Recipe

Crustless Veggie Mushroom Cheese Quiche – a hearty vegetarian quiche that's perfect for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! Bake it in a large baking...
Instant Pot Seafood Boil Recipe

Instant Pot Seafood Boil Recipe

Today, allow me to share with you everyone's favourite Instant Pot Seafood Boil that can be made so easily and effortlessly right in your...
Katsu Donbori

Japanese Katsu Donbori Recipe

From Tonkatsu to Katsu Donbori! If you have read my recipe on how to make Japanese Tonkatsu, you can just add in the savoury...
Japanese Tonkatsu and Miso Soup - Fried Pork Cutlet

Japanese Tonkatsu and Miso Soup Recipe

Longing for Japanese food this Circuit Breaker period? You can make your own Japanese meal right at home! Tonkatsu, or Japanese Fried Pork Cutlet, is...
Almond Silken Tofu Pudding

Smooth Almond Silken Tofu Pudding Recipe

It looks like silken tofu or soya bean Tofu Fa, but it’s actually jiggly jelly! Almond Silken Tofu Pudding is a soft, silky-sweet, cool...
Stir-fried Prawns and Fish

Stir-fried Prawns and Fish Recipe

The piquant sauce of tumeric, chillis, ginger, galangal and coconut milk fills this Stir-fried Prawn and Fish dish. It’s not exactly spicy but flavourful,...
Double-boiled Herbal Chicken

Wholesome Double-boiled Herbal Chicken Recipe

There’s really no mystery surrounding herbal chickens. This recipe calls for just three herbs to give this Double-boiled Herbal Chicken a full-bodied flavour and...
Chicken Salad Sandwich Rolls & Chicken Salad

Speedy Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

Chicken Salad Sandwich is quick and easy to whip up. No cooking nor baking is needed. It is healthy and perfect with a bread...
Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Easy Chicken Fried Rice

Easy Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Here’s a simple and easy fried rice for lunch or dinner – Chicken Fried Rice. Switch the chicken to shrimp or beef, make it...