Sun Natura Playground: Ants & Seaweed In Sembawang

Sun Natura Playground: Ants & Seaweed
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Ants and seaweed are not usually associated with each other, except at the Sun Natura Playground in the north of Singapore at Sembawang Crescent.

The Sun Natura playground brings together industrious insects and a secret spot amongst the seaweed by the MRT tracks.

The Giant Ant

The Giant Ant, Sun Natura Playground

The first thing which draws your attention as your approach the children’s playground is the giant dark-red ant. Larger-than-life, the ant looks like it is foraging amongst some stalks of green “grass”.

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Climb inside the Giant Ant

On closer inspection, you will find that the giant ant at Sun Natura is hollow, allowing young kids to climb inside. Helpfully, there is a green ladder to assist them to do just that.

There is a metal slide for children to make a quick exit out of the ant from the other side.

Smaller Ants

Ants at Sun Natura Playground in the North of Singapore

The giant ant is not alone. A discipline troop of smaller-sized ants can be found “marching” orderly in two rows close by.

Smaller Ants

These six ants have rather peculiar-looking faces.

Ants at the Sembawang Crescent Playground

They are considerably smaller than the giant ant and seem to be decorative in nature. While it may seem that the smaller ants are out of scale, it does bear remembering that in nature, ant can come in many different sizes.

Seaweed Surprise

Seaweed Surprise

The other play feature at the Sun Natura Playground is a clump of green seaweed. Out from the seaweed comes a curvy grey slide.

Lounge Hammock

Explore closer and you will find that there is a cargo net suspended (or it is caught) amongst the seaweed.

Lounge Hammock at Sun Natura

This functions as a lounge hammock for kids (and parents) to sit down and imagine floating amongst the vegetation.

More at the Sun Natura Playground

Sun Natura Playground

Sun Natura also has a more traditional, wooden play equipment nearby.

For those who are willing to venture slightly further away, Canberra Park and its many swings are great for kids too.

Sun Natura playground is located at 361 Sembawang Crescent and was completed in 2018 by Playpoint.

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